Arcade Attack Podcast – May (1 of 4) 2019

Podcast 115 – May (1 of 4) 2019 – Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Our chat about Street Fighter The Movie went down so well we thought we’d put ourselves through similar “torture” again for your listening pleasure. Rob had never seen Super Mario Bros. The Movie before last month, sixteen years of ignorant bliss, all down the drain… He goes through his findings whilst we all pile in to discuss what could have been a great homage to a great series of games but instead turned out to be a bit of a mess.

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  1. You know i think they really nailed the gameplay of mario in this film because they obviously took a whole lot of magic mushrooms then went and made a film.. the sequel should be based on a mario party game and base it on reality.. imagine that. Mario with an overdose.. but dont worry kids he has extra lives

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