Arcade Attack Podcast – March (2 of 2) 2017

Podcast 7 – March (2 of 2) 2017

This week we take a look at three memorable titles from our gaming youth – Mega Drive Zelda ‘homage’ Landstalker, Medieval Amiga classic Moonstone, and everyone’s favourite half shell heroes – TMNT on the NES.


If you like Moonstone, check out out interview with Moonstone superfan Rob Taylor.


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2 thoughts on “Arcade Attack Podcast – March (2 of 2) 2017”

  1. just stumbled upon your website (via the interview with David Fox) and then had a look and listen to some other podcasts. Still a lot of catching up to do. Yay!
    As a HUGE fan of Landstalker, I do want to comment (and frown upon) your over-pessimistic review of that game. Agreed, some jumps feel like Indy taking his leap of faith in The Last Crusade, but still it’s not fair how you lowered the score in different categories over the same point over and over again. And longevity “well, if you like the game, it is a pretty long one” “but if you don’t”, that holds for ANY game. I’m not a fan of sport games, so any FIFA game that has millions of players and teams should get a 0 for longevity then? As in the amount of minutes I’ll spend playing such a game.

    I had played Shining in the Darkness, by the same designers, before so I was thrilled to read a preview for Landstalker. Pre-ordered it (after missing out on Shining Force due to being out-of-stock) and absolutely devoured it.
    Oh, and comparing a game to Zelda and just arguing that “it isn’t Zelda” isn’t fair either. I never played Zelda myself. I bought a mini SNES recently, so I will probably compare it Landstalker and go “nice, but it’s no Landstalker” 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Sushi! Love it! We have our opinion and you rightfully have yours. We’re glad you enjoyed Landstalker and in retrospect perhaps we were a tad harsh. The Zelda thing you may soon realise is a bit of a theme ;). Hope you enjoy the other podcasts and the site and please keep on commenting/sharing your opinion with us, it means a lot. Kind regards. Dylan

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