Arcade Attack Podcast – June (1 of 4) 2019

Podcast 119 – June (1 of 4) 2019 – Iain Lee – Interview

An instantly recognisable face for our UK-based listeners, maybe even our British listeners abroad, TV and radio celebrity Iain Lee is also a massive retro gaming fan! He spoke to our Adrian about his major gaming loves (namely the Saturn and the Dreamcast), what happened with his TV career, working with the likes of Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen, his new home on talk radio and what he really thinks of his “co-stars” on I’m A Celebrity. He also has porn recommendations for cowards so this one is probably not safe for listening to when the kids are in the car…

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  1. you havent hyperlinked your twitter so it takes you to a new page, also 1m 30 secs of intro music, no, should be 15 seconds or less

  2. Great interview with Iain Lee , so cool , interesting , every one should listen to Arcade Attack

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