Nintendo’s Top Retro Games

There’s no doubt about it. Many of us are drawn inexorably to the past with our love of everything retro. From vinyl records to old-style fashions and from classic furniture to sneakers from the 70s, there’s a unique allure to the past.

This is all despite, or perhaps because of, the hugely technological age we live in now. Perhaps we’re all harking back to an older, simpler time.

Nintendo have certainly cottoned on to this fact and are currently enjoying huge success with some of the games that first made them famous back in in the 80s and 90s. Back then their legendary Game Boy device was genuinely mould-breaking, putting portable gaming into the hands of many.

It was an instant hit, selling out within weeks of release, meaning they had to step up production to meet demand.

Inevitably, the games you could play on it were fairly basic by today’s standards but now, thanks to the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, they’re enjoying a whole new lease of life – and with a whole new generation of gamers.

This is all the more remarkable in the context of a world where the range of video entertainment available is so wide and varied, from movies to stream to online slots and other games to enjoy, not to mention super-sophisticated console games each offering hundreds of hours of entertainment.

But still, these five deceptively involving games are proving to be winners once again.


Super Mario World

We simply have to start with the character that became synonymous with Nintendo from the very earliest days. Literally millions of people have enjoyed the antics of our plucky little Italian plumber and friends – and this is one of the very best games. Everything about it is perfect from the brilliantly colourful visuals to the sheer personality of the game. It also allows our hero to literally fly from level to level and access hidden areas of the game. Add to this the fact that he’s given an extra life to prolong the action still further and it’s pretty much unimprovable.


Lots of Slots

Slots are known as a classic arcade game typically played offline on a machine. However, slots have been created into digital themed video games offered by online slots providers and also more recently on consoles such as Nintendo. Lots of Slots is a game accessible on an Nintendo device and despite being released a few years back, the game is known for its nostalgic feel of playing on slots at a casino establishment. Players must spin winning reels in order to unlock new slot games within the game.


Super Metroid

While Super Mario is an undoubtedly cute character, the same can’t be said of Samus, star of the Super Metroid series. Equipped with a plasma cannon, a totally wicked battle suit and a space ship that certainly means business, she makes for a formidable foe. In this game our heroine bounty hunter heads for the planet Zebes, and deep under the surface she searches for a Metroid from the feared space pirate Ridley. There are plenty of new features added to the original game to keep things fresh, and it means that you’re in for an all-action ride.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Before Majora’s Mask came the game Ocarina of Time and time is very much the central concept here. Our hero Link overcame his enemy Ganon in the prequel and here he has an even tougher task on his hands. The moon is hurtling towards his home planet of Termina. To avoid catastrophe, he needs to build and army of giants with only three days to do it in.

But there is the chance to slow, bend and speed up time itself – and even to go back to the first of the three days if he needs too. It’s like Groundhog Day in game form.



Some believe that this is a genuine rival to Super Mario for the sheer fun it involves. It’s all about a bear called Banjo and a feathered friend Kazooie who comes along for the ride on his back. In the game Banjo’s sister has been kidnapped by a wicked witch called Grunty and taken back to her forest home. On their quest to rescue her they must collect different items like puzzle pieces and musical notes while negotiating hazards like Bubblegoop Swamp, Clanker’s Cavern and the Mad Monster’s Mansion, all to a fantastic soundtrack.


Donkey Kong

We started with a classic, so we’re going to end with one too. Donkey Kong is the game that is credited with saving Nintendo financially thanks to the $280 million it was reputed to have earned the American arm of the company. The set-up is simple. Donkey Kong has kidnapped Pauline, from Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario is striving to save her. It’s a beautifully simple game as you try to leap over the rolling barrels to reach the damsel in distress. It’s this pared-back nature of the game that makes it all so involving – and well worthy of inclusion as number five on our list.


So there you have them, Five great games that are currently enjoying an unexpected new lease of life. There are plenty more to choose from if these don’t float your boat – and it looks like the Nintendo name is set to run and run.


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