How to Earn Money Playing Video Games – Top 11 Ways to Do So in 2023

Confucius said, ”Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” We present ten ways to earn money playing video games.


1. Start a YouTube Channel

The rule is simple. You can create videos where you talk about video games, share news about the industry, and create tutorials for beginners or advanced players.

It may take some time to build an audience. Still, as long as you are consistent and post regularly, you can build a channel equally appealing to viewers and potential partners.

As for monetizing the channel, you can try various options, including donations, paid subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.


2. Consider Video Game Reporting

If, on top of your love for video games, you like writing, video game journalism may be your source of additional income. One way is to start a blog (perfect for building a portfolio) or apply for a freelance or full-time job on specialized sites. You can write news, conduct interviews, or cover events.


3. Download Money-Making Apps

All you need is a smartphone and enough space to download apps that enable you to play games and earn money.

In a highly competitive space such as gaming, it’s of the utmost importance for companies to stand out. Providing an offer tailored to almost everyone’s preferences is key. That includes the payment methods—It’s like in online casinos where you can deposit and withdraw money using convenient banking options like Apple Pay.

Money-making video game apps sound great as a concept but don’t put pressure on yourself. Instead, have fun, sharpen your skills, and gain experience; making money is a plus.


4. Live Stream Your Gameplay

Some may wonder, are there people interested in watching others play video games in real time? The answer is a resounding yes, primarily on Twitch. First, it’s a great opportunity for amateurs to learn new tricks and tactics. Secondly, it’s a valuable networking channel, allowing viewers to connect with others from the same gaming community.

You have to be a good player but also show your personality, be fun, and be good at storytelling to attract attention. Once you achieve that, you’ll set yourself up to build an audience and earn money through paid subscriptions and ads.


5. Try Video Game Coaching

Yes, being a tutor for video games is a real thing, and it can be profitable if you have the time and interest to share your knowledge and playing skills with others.

However, aside from your gaming expertise, you need to develop teaching and soft skills – the ability to bring the theory and practice closer to your students, openness for two-way communication, and the ability to ask for and give feedback.


6. Explore Video Game Testing Options

Given the multistage game development process, someone must test the game and note bugs or other issues developers must work on before the game is released.

The position can be profitable if you work full-time for a company. Also, you are more likely to come across open positions for testing mobile video games than for consoles or PS.


7. Create Guides

This one is a combination of video game reporting and coaching. It’s a great way to monetize your knowledge and expertise through written format.

Research is critical when creating a guide. First, you must determine the game or genre you want to cover, identify your target readers and their gaming challenges and offer a solution on how they can overcome them.

It’s time-consuming but can pay off, especially if you launch it as an ebook.


8.  Make Money Through Personal Brand

Whether you start a YouTube channel, a blog, or if you live stream your gameplay, building a personal brand is a must. That’s why making high-quality content reflecting your expertise and personality is vital. And, as your credibility grows, you open doors to additional revenue streams, such as selling merch produced under your brand name.


9. Stay Up to Date With Crypto Gaming

Video games are not a novelty, but the industry is constantly improving. The same goes with blockchain technology. The two combined lead to crypto gaming, where a player can earn NFTs by playing a game. They can then sell, trade, or convert these digital assets into fiat money.


10. Start a Podcast

You would like to talk about video games, but you don’t write or like being in front of the camera? In that case, podcasting is the correct format for you.

You can explore various avenues, from conducting interviews with subject matter experts in video gaming to organizing Q&A sessions or roundtable discussions. As with most digital content, consistency is key in podcasting.


11. Take Part in Tournaments

A pass to a tournament is every dedicated gamer’s dream. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the first step is to join an eSports organization. This can be an incredibly lucrative exercise, depending on the competition, the prizes can be astronomical. Over the years, this form of competition has created millionaires.


That’s all, folks. Now, it’s up to you to determine what option best fits your aspirations and start playing!


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