From Browsers to Atari Hotels and Retro Casino Games: Unexpected Places to Get a Blast from the Past

If you find a simple pleasure in playing retro games, then you probably already know where to find some of the best titles. Online emulators, retro games collection sites, and throwback consoles are among the most popular places for getting a blast from the past whenever you feel like it.

Yet, there are also some unexpected surprises for you in other locations. Where else can you look for alternative ways to take a step back in time to try some retro-inspired games?



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Classic Gaming Opportunities in a Hotel

Many hotels now offer modern gaming consoles for their guests. Gamers can relax and play in select hotels just about anywhere in the world these days, with Xboxes and PlayStations among the consoles that are typically included.

However, the Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam has gone a step further, by putting both modern and retro consoles in every one of their rooms. Combined with extremely fast internet and quality gaming headsets, this adds up to the type of travel experience that makes staying in the hotel more tempting. As well as the consoles that are placed in each room, the Arcade Hotel also has a giant Game Room with a VR section as well as a selection of consoles and gaming PCs. This is far from being the only hotel to offer retro gaming as an additional service, but it looks like one of the best.

Indeed, with the increasing popularity of the best retro consoles like the Super NES Classic, Sega Mega Drive Mini, and PlayStation Classic, we can expect more hotels to start to add these devices to their rooms. Gaming giant Atari has also promised to add to this trend by opening their own themed hotels. The full details aren’t yet known, but an announcement at the start of 2020 suggested that they would soon be opening eight hotels with “fully immersive experiences” for all guests. All of the locations mentioned so far are in the US, with the first hotel due to open in Phoenix, Arizona. After that, Austin, Chicago, and Las Vegas are a few of the cities where the Atari hotel experience will be available in the future.


Casino Sites Have Slots That Turn Back Time

The arrival of online casino sites has led to an upsurge in the popularity of games of all types. Online slots are based on classic fruit machines, with modern technology allowing game developers to add in interesting themes such as movies, superheroes, and adventures around the world. This flexibility also means that many are now based on retro themes that appeal to players looking for a trip down memory lane.

While many slots of this type are simple affairs with neon lights and beeping sound effects, others disguise a wealth of interesting features beneath a retro veneer. An example of a retro game with modern features is Starburst from NetEnt as it gives free spins on the 80s-style, fruit-based slot. There are also options that take the meaning of retro to a whole other level with games like Cash Noire which is based in the 1940s.

Game providers such as NetEnt offer the possibility of varying types of casino bonus such as free spins or deposit boosts; which is another modern benefit for players looking to try something new. If you’ve never tried retro slot games before it is advisable to use a reputable comparison site such as the one named above. This way, the games are high quality, secure, and easy to search through.


A Cyberpunk Adventure On the Vivaldi Browser

The freeware Vivaldi browser was launched in 2016 and had a million and a half monthly users by April 2020. Designed to mainly attract technically-minded internet users, it was recently updated with the release of version 3.4 that comes with a fun-looking arcade game built into it.

This latest version of Vivaldi can be used on desktop computers and Android devices. As for the game, it is called Vivaldia and the development team described it as a “real 80s arcade-style game”. It is built into the browser in such a way that you can play the game easily on any device.

Vivaldia is said to have been based on the Future Noir and Cyberpunk gaming genres. This is a side-scrolling platform game where the player must avoid a series of obstacles and dispose of enemies while exploring a futuristic city.

According to the developers, machines have taken over the city, but thankfully our hero has a slick motorbike that lets him race across and save the day. You can also download only the game for desktop or mobile if you want to try it but aren’t so keen on adding a new browser.


Google Has Bags of Retro Fun

Google has also decided to include retro-style games on its search engine’s home page. For example, just type in “Pac-Man” on Google and you will be offered a free game of the maze-based classic. Pac-Man’s loyal fanbase, since it was first brought out in 1980, arguably makes it the most famous arcade title of all time.

Typing “Atari Breakout” into Google Images gives you another surprise, as you get to play a simple but enjoyable version of the brick-bashing classic. Try something similar with Space Invaders and you will soon be firing rockets at the alien ships who are hiding above the search giant’s logo.

In fact, the people at Google love the retro arcade action so much that they have a variety of extensions available on Chrome for them. One of them lets you play Nintendo 64 games in your browser, while others offer the likes of Mortal Kombat, Tetris, and so on.

With the global appetite for retro gaming experiences growing all the time, it seems certain that we will see games like these popping up in more places from now on. For the moment, even the most avid fans of the 80s and 90s action will hopefully find enough here to keep them happy in these different ways.




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