Find New Ways to Rekindle Old Arcade Hobbies

Many non-believers would say arcade games are a thing of the past. Contemporary gaming today includes a plethora of new consoles, cutting-edge software and technologies which push the boundaries with each passing day.

However, gamers are a sentimental bunch, especially when it comes to their gaming. And nothing brings back fond memories like arcade gaming.

If you feel like you lost your touch, we have a way to help. Let’s see how you can bring back your arcade skills and rekindle the love for arcade cabinets.


Organise Arcade Nights

Arcade games are still quite popular because they promote social gaming. We are social beings, after all, which means we are often leaning towards community activities, and gaming is right up that alley.

And if you played coin-op games before, chances are you are quite used to playing games with your friends. So why not bring that back, but on your conditions?

You can always find a place that offers arcade games – they may be rare, but they still exist – and go with friends. You can even schedule arcade nights, i.e. events which include a night out in an arcade joint where you can enjoy your favourite games.


Play Online Games That Remind You of Coin-Op Machines

It takes time getting used to arcade games, especially if you haven’t played for years. You would need proper preparation for such an activity again. We recommend playing games online that remind you of coin-op machines.

Modern video games offer a plethora of themes, but we are sure you won’t need a lot of time to locate retro-themed games. After all, all software companies in the gaming industry started from arcades, right?

If you want to experiment with the theme but also explore other genres, we highly recommend checking out Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. It’s an online slot from a company named Net Entertainment (often shortened into NetEnt). You can find it almost anywhere on the internet both for free and for real money play. Many sites offer the finest video slot games online, and Street Fighter the slot is the definition of the finest games.


Buy an Arcade Machine

This is probably a big jump from playing online, but anything for arcades, right? Well, if you love them so much and yearn to get back to your old arcade habits, why not buy the machine? The global pandemic affected the gaming industry (especially land-based gaming) so you might not be able to visit real coin-op joints just yet.

But should that stop you? Absolutely not. You can browse the internet and buy classic machines and cabinets you haven’t seen from childhood. The market is thriving right now, but we have to warn you – the prices are high.

However, if you are hellbent of retrieving your passion for arcade gaming, purchasing one cabinet would be the ultimate dream come true.


Start an Arcade Business

Those of you who are considering purchasing one for personal entertainment should definitely think about this option. The option we are referring to is starting an arcade shop!

Just imagine: an entire shop full of coin-op machines for all fans to enjoy? It would be an ultimate hotspot for you and your friends. The logistics require and in-depth analysis of multiple aspects, but in the end, starting an arcade business is always a good idea.

Plus, if you do end up launching a small business, you will rekindle not only your relationship with arcade hobbies but bring more people closer to this type of gaming.



The passion for arcades is not waning, and it probably never will. If you are considering returning to your former days of glory in arcade joints, now is the time.

The four ways that we presented above represent four paths to coin-op experience for you. But it’s up to you to see which one suits you more. Or try all of them – your options are limitless.


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  1. You are totally right about the social character of arcade gaming. I can add the fifth way – to reinvent arcade gaming keeping its spirit: a community of players + on-lookers. During the first COVID lockdown, I started thinking in this direction. Finally I have created an unusual version of ” COVID-safe outdoor arcade gaming system with foot-operated controllers”. It looks crazy but it works!

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