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Elevator Action Returns

Elevator Action Returns – SEGA Saturn Review

A sequel to 1983’s Elevator Action, Elevator Action Returns is absolutely worth making the effort to find a way to play. Keith checks out the Saturn version for your reading pleasure.     A game about Elevators doesn’t sound that exciting (although it beats ‘Lift Action Returns’ as a title I suppose), and a quick […]

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Daytona USA (Saturn Retrospective)

ROOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNGGGG STAAAAAAART!!!! yells Takenobu Mitsuyoshi as you push down hard on the accelerator, ready to take control of your Hornet NASCAR on the beginner course of the mighty Daytona USA. You grip the wheel tightly as it fights you for control, and a huge grin spreads across your face.  It doesn’t get any better than

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