Casino Kid (NES Review)

  Trips to the casino are an obvious hoot.  Why not get your 8-year old hooked on Blackjack now so he can be bankrupt when he finally turns 18 or 21 or whatever?  That’s clearly what Sofel were thinking when they created this horrible, Amstrad looking, moral smashing, pleb of a game.  Pleb of a … Read more

Street Fighter 2 (NES Review)

Capcom are clever people.  So clever that they decided not to have anything to do with the NES version of what is one of the most important SNES titles ever released.  The fact that this version was produced by Hummer and published by Yoko Soft really tells you everything you need to know.  Getting SF2 … Read more

Wacky Races (NES Review)

  Just what Atlus were thinking when they developed this game I don’t know.  Actually I do know – let’s purchase a license of a fairly popular cartoon and create a Super Mario Bros rip-off and watch it sell for milliiiiiiiions.  Lesson One – if you’re going to create a game based on Wacky Races, … Read more