Arch Rivals (NES Review)

  Being subjected to a lot of Acclaim’s doo doo is something I’ve learned to take on the chin, much like the punches the poor souls in Arch Rivals take on a continual basis.  AR (as I will now refer to it as) is a two on two basketball game with the added “feature” being … Read more

After Burner (NES Review)

We’ve had a look at the Master System version (and still can’t bring ourselves to review it) so of course we wanted to get our hands on the NES version.  How did a Sega staple arrive on the NES? Well, in amongst all the fully licensed versions (C64, Atari, Amstrad to name a few), Tengen … Read more

Battletoads (NES Review)

Now this is what I call a game. True, this is a game that was made six years after Super Mario Bros and we’re right to expect progress. Battletoads takes that progression, polishes it to the nth degree and chucks in more than a sprinkling of genuine invention, the likes of which you hardly see … Read more

Castlevania (NES Review)

  To say that the NES isn’t short on platformers is an understatement.  The Super Mario Bros raised the bar and games have since failed to capture the imagination.  Until now.  Diverting from Nintendo’s usually cuddly, kid-friendly shtick –Castlevania finds our protagonist Simon Belmont on the hunt for none other than the Prince of Darkness … Read more

California Games (NES Review)

Californiaaaaaaaaa, is apparently a great place.  I wouldn’t know as I’m broke.  So how is one meant to enjoy the sun, sea and sex of the land of Orange County?  By playing California Games on the NES of course!  Er, maybe not.  CG is a collection of 6 different “sports” which you can run through … Read more