The New Arcade Attack is Here!

It’s finally here! Like that winter everyone keeps predicting in all those memes with Sean Bean, the new face of Arcade Attack is coming at you like a Sunday hangover, only with a nicer font. If hangovers had a font, it would most likely be Papyrus. Papyrus is the most regrettable, depraved excuse for a font that has ever existed – the font equivalent of challenging Oliver Reed to a rum-drinking contest the day before volunteering to give piggy backs all day at an old folks home. Our fonts are far more handsome, but that’s enough about that. We’re so excited to be launching our new podcast that we almost forgot to mention all the other stuff that’s been going on this month. Here are some other things to help get you through that cold first hurdle of the winter that has finally arrived…


If you own any of these, keep a low profile, employ a bodyguard and make sure you take out a kidnap and ransom policy, because you sir (or madam), are the holder of some serious financial clout. Check to find out how to effectively handle and manage your assets with another of Adrian’s rarest top tens coming very soon…


Not since Samuel Arnold penned the verses to Humpty Dumpty has there been such cajolery over a jumping egg, and it seems only fitting that we celebrate our relaunch by talking to one half of the Oliver twins responsible for the continued reinvention of the  Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk – Philip Oliver. Check back here Friday 18th for that one.


Who knew you could beat someone up by simply ridiculing them when going toe-to-toe? I owe my razor sharp wit and ability to fight the playground bully to one hexed, yet determined fool called Guybrush Threepwood (even though he was allegedly named after a paintbrush). Dave Grossman is the man behind the witty lunges, reposts, parries and thrusts and much more. We catch up with him later in the month to ask him what the Secret of Monkey Island really is (spoiler: it’s the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion).


Remember Crash Magazine? Neither do we, but this man does. Developer, Mensa member and self-confessed egghead Jonathan Cauldwell has been writing Spectrum games since the 1980s, which makes him the gaming world’s answer to the Sugar Hill Gang. He met with us to discuss various topics and you can check it out late November.


Be sure to also keep an eye on our twitter page in December where we’ll be counting down our favourite posts from 2016 every day. And looking for that special gift for your loved ones? We’ll bring you the lowdown on some retro gaming shops that may well have just the ticket.


Arcade Attack


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