Andy Collins (Games World) – Interview

Andy (left) with Guru Larry (centre)


Andy Collins is a former presenter of hit Sky TV show Games World (that our Rob has just eulogised of course) and he also appeared on the legendary GamesMaster.  He was kind enough to grant us an audience so our Adrian went to say hello.  You can follow Andy on twitter @Andyshowbiz


Question 1 – You first made your name in gaming TV on the much loved Channel 4 show GamesMaster as a contestant. How did this arise?


Right place right time, I think my rugged good looks got me the job!


Question 2 – What was it like appearing on GamesMaster – could you explain a typical day on set?


They where long days as back then the tech side of things was cutting edge and tended to crash loads but I do remember that aside they were days full of laughs and good banter.


Question 3 – You actually went on to winning the infamous golden joystick by winning the Cool Spot challenge. What was that like?


Ha-ha yes still got it!!! It takes pride of place in my games room!


Question 4 – Does the golden joystick actually work as a fully functioning joystick?


No but it looks wicked!


Question 5 – Is it true that you also ‘won’ a date with emcee Monie Love and if so how did the date go?


She blew me out !!!!!! Lol


Question 6 – Do you actually like Cool Spot as a game?


If I’m serious I can’t remember it, I just hit the buttons hard and fast (I couldn’t beat the game like this! – Ed).


Question 7 – You were on the show with Dexter Fletcher as the main host. How would you compare him with Dominic Diamond?


Two different styles – Dexter was great fun and a true team player Mr Diamond was a games guru and his knowledge was unbelievable, the kids worshipped him.


Someone forgot to read the weather forecast hmm?
Someone forgot to read the weather forecast hmm?

Question 8 – You took over the hosting duties from Bob Mills for the successful Sky One show Games World – how did this opportunity arise?


Bob put me forward and spoke highly on my behalf. I will always be grateful.  It helped we were the same suit size so we saved the company on the wardrobe budget!


Question 9 – Were you a fan of Games World before you became the host?


Yes, I warmed up the show from the beginning.


Question 10 – What is your fondest memory of working on Games World?


So many, a great crew and the audiences really enjoying the show.


Question 11 – Games World lasted for four successful series. How did you feel when you found out the show would not be re-commissioned?


All good things come to an end and I am still keep in touch with many of the cast and crew.


Question 12 – Did you get along with all the Videators and co-commentators and are you still friends with any people on the show today?


Yes, Big Boy Barry, Rick, Dave Perry and some others too  We are all older and greyer now mind!


Question 13 – You then went on to present Game Over – how did this show try to differ from Games World and other video game TV shows?


The show was live with outside broadcasts. The viewers at home were able to play along live and the show was a great learning curve for me regarding how live TV worked and I loved it!


Question 14 – Have you always been a gamer?


I dabble with games with my kids Harry (8) and Molly (11) and love to play the Wii and PlayStation.


Question 15 – What is your favourite video game of all time?


Championship Manager (we like – Ed).


Question 16 – Which video game character would you most like to share a few pints with?


Hmmmm tough one…… Sub Zero as I had his special fighting move down to an art form – can’t be best when I’m him! (I don’t think he would like that! – Ed)


Question 17 – What are you up to these days?


Still presenting/producing and involved in showbiz in front and behind the camera also run a showbiz agency too.


– Adrian

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