Matt Westcott (Spectrum Supremo) – Interview

We don’t use the term “supremo” lightly at Arcade Attack. Well, that’s not quite true but this man certainly deserves that accolade. There’s not much Matt Westcott can’t do with a Spectrum (apart from scramble an egg maybe) and he’s been lighting up the Speccy demo scene for years. We’ve most recently enjoyed his work … Read more

Steve Turner (Graftgold) – Interview

We really don’t do enough Spectrum features despite our fascination with the computer/games machine. I’m pleased to say that Adrian managed to track down the legend that is Steve Turner! 3D Lunattack, Avalon, Quazatron and of course the outstanding Dragontorc were all developed by him. Enjoy the read as we pay homage…   Steve, great to … Read more