Alien vs Predator (SNES Review)

Hmmm, where do I start with Alien vs Predator on the SNES?  The in-play music is still in my head two hours since I stopped playing it which isn’t a good sign…   The intro starts and things don’t look great.  Bar a few stills of the alien, it looks 8-bit good/16-bit bad and with … Read more

Final Fight 2 (SNES Review)

I gave the first Final Fight a bit of a whacking (no pun intended) so I thought it only fair to cast my eye over the sequel and review Final Fight 2 on the SNES.  Thankfully a few fundamental problems have been rectified, though some have not.     Rather than being confined to one … Read more

Andre Agassi Tennis (SNES Review)

  Andre Agassi, tennis legend, why on earth did you put your name to this!  I can think of a few thousand things that might have done it…  I’ll touch on the other versions in a moment but here is our, through gritted teeth, review of Andre Agassi Tennis on the SNES. TecMagik.  If that … Read more