Please don’t be cruel to Zool – He was my first love!

Yes, we take the mickey out of Adrian a bit (OK, a lot) for preferring Zool to other platformer mascots and it appears we’ve finally broken him. Here is Adrian’s rebuttal, a tribute to the ninja ant (sorry, alien) along with this lovely Zool picture done specially for this article by our Chris which we’ll … Read more

Olav Mørkrid (Daze Before Christmas)

I’d never heard about Daze Before Christmas until shortly before we recorded this podcast. It is a great platformer! What’s even greater is that Adrian managed to track down the SNES version’s programmer and No Escape legend Olav Mørkrid for this quick Q&A!   How did you get the opportunity to enter the video game … Read more

Ady Smith (Rare/Core) – Interview

It’s rare that we feature anything Nintendo-related… Bad pun out of the way, here is Rare and Core Design’s very own Ady Smith, their Computer Graphic Artist and a man whose artwork adorns some of our favourite games including Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct and GoldenEye! He’s a true retrogaming great and it’s a pleasure to introduce his … Read more