Brian Reynolds (MicroProse/Firaxis) – Interview

A while ago we featured a lovely Q&A with gaming legend Rob Fermier and when we tweeted the link it was retweeted by another legend, Brian Reynolds. So, as ballsy as ever, Adrian asked for an interview from him too and here it is! Civilization II, Colonization, Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri just a few … Read more

Steve Purcell (Sam & Max creator/Pixar) – Interview

This guy is the real deal! The Sam & Max creator, LucasArts cover artist and Pixar legend Steve Purcell for some reason agreed to answer a lot of questions from little old us and we’re stoked! I guess there’s nothing else to say other than enjoy…   When did you first realise you wanted to … Read more

A Return to… Super Cars

Tim seems hellbent on making sure we have an Amiga section… We hear you mate!! Anyway, here’s a lovely piece he’s done on the Super Cars games, yep, those ones, which also doubles up as a tribute to the late great Ben Daglish. And afterwards why not check out his Bandcamp music page and also give a like … Read more

Mage’s Initiation (Himalaya Studios) – Indie Feature

If you listen to the podcast you’ll know that we’re massive point and click fans so when the opportunity arose to quiz Himalaya Studios about the well-received Mage’s Initiation we jumped at it. Adrian’s questions were answered by lead Himalaya dev Chris Warren. The preview vid below will give you a nice overview and you … Read more