Joe Bostic (C&C Remastered) – Interview

Way back in August 2018 we had the pleasure of interviewing Westwood Studios legend Joe Bostic. Guess what? He’s back! Command & Conquer Remastered was mooted at the time and it’s finally here! Adrian sent a few more questions to Joe for your reading pleasure. He also gives a quick review of the new title. … Read more

Streets of Rage 4 (Indie Review)

A few of you may remember, I was a tad sceptical when this game was announced! A lot of your shared my concerns but, given early reviews, a lot of this has been blown out of the water. Now the game is here it’s only fair that a different AA team member tackles the review … Read more

Jon Beltran de Heredia (Pyro Studios) – Interview

We’re big fans of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines as many of you will have twigged! So, not content with tracking down Ignacio Perez-Dolset, Adrian then went after the game’s lead programmer Jon Beltran de Heredia to answer some questions as well. Thankfully, Jon is such a lovely bloke he duly obliged!   What are your … Read more