FIFA International Soccer (Mega Drive Retrospective)

July 15th 1993 – the day the world changed. Well, the day FIFA International Soccer was released and the life of this humble reviewer changed. Prior to this date, soccer/football games were a non-event (Jon Hare’s Sensible Soccer aside), we longed for a realistic football experience. FIFA plugged a gap that Sensible Soccer could not, … Read more

Sunset Riders (Mega Drive Review)

Yee-haaaaahhhhh!!! The Mega Drive version of the popular coin-op could have gone horribly wrong but thankfully for Konami this is one of the most beautiful, perfectly balanced scrolling shooters I’ve ever seen on the 16-bit. Fans of the Sunset Riders arcade machine will tell you that the game’s main allure is its co-op mode. In … Read more