Please don’t be cruel to Zool – He was my first love!

Yes, we take the mickey out of Adrian a bit (OK, a lot) for preferring Zool to other platformer mascots and it appears we’ve finally broken him. Here is Adrian’s rebuttal, a tribute to the ninja ant (sorry, alien) along with this lovely Zool picture done specially for this article by our Chris which we’ll … Read more

Xeno Crisis – Indie Feature

Xeno Crisis has been tantalising taste buds since the (successful) Kickstarter was launched. As everyone knows, we’re big fans of the Mega Drive (and Atari Jaguar) homebrew scenes and Xeno Crisis looks to be spawning a Dreamcast and a Neo Geo version in addition to a MD/Genesis version. All very exciting, and with the launch … Read more

Francois Bertrand (Atari/SEGA) – Interview

It’s been a while since we’ve had a treat for you SEGA fans so here’s a bumper interview with Francois Bertrand, a true retrogaming legend having worked on many of the company’s Virtua titles including the seminal Virtua Fighter. There’s also something for you Atari/Atari Jaguar fans in the way of Fight for Life…   … Read more

Olav Mørkrid (Daze Before Christmas)

I’d never heard about Daze Before Christmas until shortly before we recorded this podcast. It is a great platformer! What’s even greater is that Adrian managed to track down the SNES version’s programmer and No Escape legend Olav Mørkrid for this quick Q&A!   How did you get the opportunity to enter the video game … Read more

What’s Wrong With Emulation? A Letter to Nintendo…

Okay, it’s been a while since everything happened regards EmuParadise but for those of you who missed it, the gist is as follows. They issued this statement which essentially stated that visitors can no longer download ROMs from the site (try it, every link says the game chosen is unavailable) and hint at “potentially disastrous … Read more