Frederic Houde (Ubisoft) – Interview

Think of your favourite ever platformers. Is Rayman on there? Of course it is! It’s a pleasure to introduce our Adrian’s chat with the game’s co-creator Frederic Houde!!     How did you get the opportunity to work for Ubisoft? My best friend Frederic Markus worked on a game called Starush for Amiga, Atari ST … Read more

James Hampton (LucasArts/Atari) – Interview

Adrian’s pulled one right out of the top drawer this week! LucasArts and Atari supremo James “Purple” Hampton joined him for a lovely chat about the other legends he’s worked with, the Jaguar smash hit Alien Versus Predator and much much more… Fancy listening to James as well? Don’t say we don’t spoil you, here … Read more

Ben Herman (SNK) – Interview

SNK and the Neo Geo hold a special fascination for us at Arcade Attack, and we’ve not been able to chat to anyone affiliated with the company…until now, and how! Ex SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman joined us courtesy of Jordan Freeman and the folks down at ZOOM Platform with whom he has joined … Read more