MegaWars (By Crimson Leaf) – Indie Feature

MegaWars was an immensely popular text-based, eventually online, strategy game back in the 80s which ran all the way until 1999.  Our latest #IndieDev interview comes courtesy of Matt Parisi at Crimson Leaf, the development house responsible for the extremely ambitious (and eagerly anticipated) remake.  A massive online, multiplayer game, MegaWars looks ready to take on … Read more

Retrola K Ase (By Undercoders) – Indie Feature

David Jaumandreu is the driving force behind Undercoders, an indie games company who have just released the amazing (and thankfully, very retro) Retrola K ase in Miracle World (Alex.K ain’t the only one…).  To see how retro David has gotten with this, check out the trailer here:   httpv://   I caught up with David … Read more

Ward: Nex Rising (by 2BrainGames) – Indie Feature

When Adrian told me he’d stumbled upon an indie project that was inspired by the Streets of Rage games I had to unleash him on 2BrainGames for an interview, which they thankfully agreed to!  Here’s their take on Ward: Nex Rising, precious links at the bottom:   Question 1 – You are currently working on … Read more