Stephen Marley (DreamWeb/Martian Gothic) – Interview

Part one (or two, depending on which order you read them!) of our Amiga double header this week is my quick Q&A with author Stephen Marley. The famous (infamous?) DreamWeb is now officially abandonware, so you can play it for free here. This means I finally got to finish a game I started back in … Read more

NeoGeoCollector (Superfan) – Interview

We’ve had a few superfans on our blog and rightly so. People like Roberth (Jag superfan) and Rob (Moonstone Tavern creator) have given us lots of vital info and support. This guy is no different. We’ve been friends on Twitter for a while but it’s great to finally tap into his NEO-GEO knowledge and quiz … Read more

Edward Packard (Choose Your Own Adventure Books) – Interview

The Choose Your Own Adventure books were seminal, vital in our day-to-day lives and the excellent Bandersnatch “episode” of Black Mirror has brought it to the forefront of our minds once more. The creator of the genre, the legendary Edward Packard is a very busy man but he kindly answered a few questions for us: … Read more