Please don’t be cruel to Zool – He was my first love!

Yes, we take the mickey out of Adrian a bit (OK, a lot) for preferring Zool to other platformer mascots and it appears we’ve finally broken him. Here is Adrian’s rebuttal, a tribute to the ninja ant (sorry, alien) along with this lovely Zool picture done specially for this article by our Chris which we’ll … Read more

Fabio Capone (NAPS Team) – Interview

Fabio Capone and Domenico Barba founded NAPS Team 26 years ago and the Italian dev house is best known for Shadow Fighter on the Amiga and their Gekido (PlayStation) games. We sent Adrian to chat with Fabio about past and present.   What are your earliest and fondest memories of gaming while growing up? Fantasy … Read more

The Gobliiins Trilogy (Amiga/PC Feature)

Tim’s back and I think we’ve found his thing (no, not that), covering game series’ with captioned screenshots in his own inimitable style. This week he’s covered all three Gobliiins games from the legendary Coktel Vision dev house. Dabon dabon!   Gobliiiiiiins Trilogy – How many “I’s” in that? (I think you’ve got a few … Read more

Brian Reynolds (MicroProse/Firaxis) – Interview

A while ago we featured a lovely Q&A with gaming legend Rob Fermier and when we tweeted the link it was retweeted by another legend, Brian Reynolds. So, as ballsy as ever, Adrian asked for an interview from him too and here it is! Civilization II, Colonization, Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri just a few … Read more