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  • Top Ten NES Black Box Games

    UKNESBoy is on board! And to celebrate, he’s come up with his top-ten black box games, the ones that kickstarted this amazing console… Top Ten NES Black Box Games!

  • Top Ten Notoriously Difficult NES Games!

    We’ve got Andy/UKNESBoy in full swing now! This week he went through his top ten most “balls hard” NES games and you’ll probably guess what’s No. 1… Top Ten Notoriously Difficult NES Games!

  • Top Ten Rarest NES Games

    We publish our roundup of the rarest and most valuable games on the NES… Top Ten Rarest NES Games

  • Top Ten NES Sequels!

    Our Andy (UKNESBoy) keeps coming up with the goods for you NES fans! Check out his favourite NES sequels… Top Ten NES Sequels!

  • Top Ten Worst NES Game Covers

    Some of these games are stone-cold classics but my are their covers bad… Top Ten Worst NES Game Covers

  • After Burner

    After Burner hits the NES and it really shouldn’t have bothered… After Burner NES Review

  • Aladdin

    Disney’s romp gets a well deserved outing on the NES… Aladdin NES Review

  • Arch Rivals

    This really isn’t the way to play basketball… Arch Rivals NES Review

  • Battletoads

    Who needs turtles when you’ve got toads and their whopping package… Battletoads NES Review

  • California Games

    If you can’t get to California then this is the nest best thing. Maybe… California Games NES Review

  • Casino Kid

    Truly awful casino action. At least you’re unlikely to pick up a gambling addiction from it… Casino Kid NES Review

  • Castlevania

    Dracula is only a short stroll away in this epic platformer… Castlevania NES Review

  • Cobra Triangle

    Mad speedboat action from those lovely folk at Rare. Our Andy/UKNESBoy tells us why it’s worth a punt… Cobra Triangle NES Review

  • Days of Thunder

    Racing action has never been so confusing and Nicole Kidman is nowhere to be seen… Days of Thunder NES Review

  • Double Dragon

    Crazy flawed but also crazy fun… Double Dragon NES Review

  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math

    Yes, this “edutainment” title really did happen and no, it is not all that. Andy/UKNESBoy delves into the finer detail… Donkey Kong Jr. Math NES Review

  • Dr Mario

    Jake gives us his opinion on Mario’s fun but short lived stint as a GP… Dr Mario NES Review

  • Excitebite

    Strap on those leathers and go full pelt “Evel Style”… Excitebike NES Review

  • Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

    Possibly Dizzy’s best outing on the NES… Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy NES Review

  • Fester’s Quest

    Nothing screams ‘Halloween’ quite like Fester’s Quest. The Addams Family spin-off gets the UKNESBoy treatment… Fester’s Quest NES Review

  • Gradius

    Arcade favourite Nemesis ports to the NES as is. You may need a wig afterwards… Gradius NES Review

  • Gumshoe

    Detective Stevenson needs your help (via NES zapper) to get to the bottom of this mystery. Here’s our Andy… Gumshoe NES Review

  • Ice Climber

    Does exactly what it says on the tin (box). Andy reviews all the ice-climbing fun… Ice Climber NES Review

  • Kirby's Adventure

    The “Bombastic Blimp” is back in what could be his finest adventure… Kirby's Adventure NES Review

  • Kung Fu

    Walk to the left, walk to the right, whichever way you walk you’ll feel like Bruce Lee… Kung Fu NES Review

  • Lemmings

    8-bit Lemmings almost works on the NES, UKNESBoy tells us more… Lemmings NES Review

  • Marble Madness

    A platform game with a marble? Hmmm? Our Andy has taken on the NES port of the arcade classic and rather likes it… Marble Madness NES Review

  • Mega Man

    Platform action has never been this good… Mega Man NES Review

  • Popeye

    We made Andy (UKNESBoy) eat a whole crate of spinach before he reviewed this fun arcade platformer… Popeye NES Review

  • Star Soldier

    Fantastic name but was it a fantastic game? Our Andy says…no, but it’s worth a play or two if you like a shmup… Star Soldier NES Review

  • Street Fighter 2

    The popular coin-op rather underwhelmingly hits the 8-bit. Hadooooken… Street Fighter 2 NES Review

  • Top Gun

    Yep, I made him do it! UKNESBoy reviews a game that certainly divides opinion on the 8-bit… Top Gun NES Review

  • TMNT

    Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if you will, in a rather spiffing adventure… TMNT NES Review

  • Urban Champion

    Gunpei Yokoi’s ‘street brawler’ is a fascinating example of the early work on NES. As ever, here is our Andy to chuck someone into the sewers… Urban Champion NES Review

  • Wacky Races

    A poor Mario clone loosely based on the ace cartoon… Wacky Races NES Review

  • Wrecking Crew

    Mario’s lesser known outing is never talked about but is solid as a rock… UKNESBoy is back to tell us all… Wrecking Crew NES Review