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Piko Interactive are well known in our circles for publishing retro games in physical form. Their N64 release of 40 Winks is the latest we’d love to get our hands on. They’ve even finished some lost games as you’ll soon see. Anthony and Adrian sent some questions over to Piko masterchief Eli Galindo for your reading pleasure.


Can you explain how Piko Interactive first came about and what was the first game you ever worked on and helped publish?

Piko came about when I recently graduated from college and had no job. I wanted to produce more SNES games. I was able to find some homebrew developers and we put together a 4 in 1 game cartridge which was funded through Kickstarter!


How many games have you published so far and which consoles do you cater for?

Physically about 28, digitally about 50! For Physical: NES, SNES, Genesis, Jaguar. (you can check out their store here – Ed)


Which console would you most like to work with?

Yeah we want to work on Neo Geo, Turbografx, Dreamcast, and maybe MSX and Master System!


Can you run us through the typical process of launching a new game or rescuing a lost game?

Well rescuing an old game is hard because you have to find the old company owners and hope they are still around. Then figure out if they owned the game or was commissioned the work. From there you can then talk about licensing or purchasing the IP. Launching a new game is not that hard. Personally I prefer to launch the preorder when the software is 99% ready. Then develop art and packaging and then send out to production. After that you ship preorders!


How proud are you that you have helped release so many lost titles such as 40 Winks, Noah’s Ark, Legend and so much more?

Well 40 Winks was an incredible project, but there are other projects I am more proud of like Dorke and Ymp for SNES because we actually finished off the game and created new bosses etc.


Which games are you most proud of helping bring to gamers?

As mentioned before, Dorke and Ymp, also Tyrannosaurus Tex, 40 Winks, Jim Power, Gourmet Warriors, and Exploding Fist.


Can you share with our readers some details of some of your brand new games?

Well, we have released new games for many retro platforms like NES, SNES, Genesis and Jaguar. Jaguar releases are ported from Amiga/Atari ST games. Genesis, our latest batch of new released have been Taiwanese exclusive game translations (Canon Legends of the New Gods, Brave Battle Saga, etc) as well as some ports like Switchblade, Custodian, and Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

SNES has had some beat’em ups and platformers like Gourmet Warriors (Japan exclusive) and Tinhead (unreleased). NES had a mixed of games like Exploding Fist (unreleased), Little Lancelot (PAL Exclusive), and Pyramids of Ra (Unreleased). All available at the moment on our website for purchase!



Which game has been been your biggest seller?

40 Winks! I did not expect so much love to the N64 console!


Which consoles do you see the most interest in?

Personally, SNES and Neo Geo. But Genesis, Amiga, Turbografx and Dreamcast are looking very interesting to me.


Have you been unable to secure the right of any games in the past?

Yes there has been a lot of games we have not been able to secure full rights, so we let go of the project. As I mentioned before, finding the IP owners then making a deal with them!


Are there any dream “lost” titles you would love to help complete and release to the public?

Tinhead for Jaguar and Amiga, Boo for SNES, and Fire Team Rogue SNES.


Can you reveal any new games you are currently working on?

Currently we are working mostly on Jim Power, but we’ll reveal other stuff in the pipeline soon! Stay tuned to their Twitter page.


If you could share a few drinks with a video game character who would you choose and why?

Hard question, I don’t know, maybe Jill Valentine?


Adrian and Anthony


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