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When Keith and I visited Play Expo London earlier in the year we had a lot of fun (in the two hours we were there, but that’s another story!) and met a lot of cool people. One of those cool people was Patrick from the amazing Patrick’s Art Room. We’re big fans of Pokémon and from these amazing pictures he creates I think you may have guessed that he is too! If you’re looking for gift ideas for Christmas (or birthdays, anniversaries, or getting-a-new-gaming-room-days) you need not look any further! So enjoy previews of his amazing work whilst learning more about the man himself. If you like any of the pictures, simply click on it to be taken to the appropriate page on Patrick’s Etsy site.


Patrick, great to have you here at Arcade Attack!

Thank you for inviting me!


We met at Play Expo London and I bit your arm off for the Pikachu and Ash’s hat pic (see featured image). What are the key components to making such art and what steps do you take to get to the final image?

Firstly, I suppose having a good imagination definitely helps. I’ll sometimes spend days going over an idea in my head until it all clicks and makes sense and I think “yes I’ve got it!” Only then I’ll start putting a few ideas and sketches on paper or screen.

I think a good eye for detail is needed and you also need lots and lots of passion and enthusiasm, as an illustration can usually take me anywhere between 30-45 hours from start to finish.

When it comes to drawing, I can’t help my self being a perfectionist, I’m just not happy until I know everything is just right! and sometimes I take hours going over the smallest of details. But I do think it pays off when I see people looking at my work and saying how much they enjoy it only to then notice after looking closer there’s even more hidden detail.



What sparked your love of Nintendo and Pokémon?

I’ve always been a big Nintendo fan, and a huge fan of Shigeru Miyamoto, the main man behind all the best Nintendo games. I read his biography years ago and found it fascinating and inspiring.

I’ve had pretty much every single console Nintendo ever made and I own hundreds of Nintendo games, including most if not all the Pokémon games.

When Pokémon first came out I could not get enough of it. They somehow managed to make this beautiful world, full of creatures with different ability’s and squeeze it in to a Game Boy. I just got sucked in by it! I have a Nintendo Switch (of course!) with dozens of games already and the one singular game that I’m looking forward to most is “Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu!”


Pikachu or Charmander?

Pikachu, always, lol.



How did Patrick’s Art Room get started?

I’m husband to Clare, Dad to five lovely kids and we have three crazy dogs. I love gaming (of course!), family time, holidays and chillaxing with the occasional beer.

I’ve always had a passion for art as a hobby and have sketched and scribbled ever since I can remember. I found a new interest in digital art when my wife bought me a Wacom graphics tablet about 5 years ago, and although I still love to draw with traditional media; digital art is now my forte.

I am constantly amazed and inspired by what can be achieved with this type of medium and I am always experimenting and pushing myself in different ways to see what I can achieve with it.

I thought to myself a few years ago that I’d like to do a set of illustrations based on Nintendo characters, mainly Pokémon. People started taking an interest in my work and it pretty much went from there really.


So, lots of Nintendo images, lots of Pokémon, why not do SEGA? Could you ever be tempted to go down the Sonic route?

I have one picture which features Sonic in it and I do very much like the character, but no, I’m definitely a Nintendo fan boy lol!



What was your first and also favourite console/computer growing up?

I started early! My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 then a Commodore 64, NES, Amiga, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and now the Switch.

My favourite console growing up was hands down the SNES. I’ve now have the mini SNES as well.


Do you have any exclusive prototype designs you can share with our readers?

I don’t really keep any of my work relating to the build up of a picture. I would honestly have a quite a number of hard drives if I did. But I can show you a little piece of my latest illustration, hope that’s OK! (and here it is… – Ed)



It’s been fascinating getting to know you and your work, Patrick. One more question before you go off to create many more excellent pieces, if you could go for a drink with any video game character, who would you choose and why?

I think it would have to be Link! I’d love to chat with him over a pint in some old tavern and ask him all about his adventures and how he truly feels about princess Zelda. “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” was and is for me the most immersive game that I’d ever played. It blew me away, it took me to this incredibly magical world where I felt that I could go anywhere and do anything. I literally didn’t stop playing it until I completed it 100%. To this day I think that no other game has or will have the impact that that brilliant game had on me.


I think our Adrian would definitely agree! Great to have you visit Patrick!

Readers, please check out Patrick’s Etsy shop, Facebook page and Twitter page!




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