Montaro (PC/Windows Indie Review)

So, I failed in persuading Tim to review another trilogy (like he did most lately with Gobliiiiiiiiiins) but he did swing by to give his concise thoughts on the wonderful Montaro (yes, that one). So here he is!


Only at 55 UK pennies, we have a lovely little gem that throws us back to the days of simple mobile games. Like the one with the bicycle, all you did was JUMP – One mistake, POOF!


Enter Montaro. A lovable mutt. DOGE is, apparently, the hip-new word kids use nowadays. From the Steam store page:

“Montaro is a casual runner game that was created to heal your heart.

– Random generated street levels.

– Lift up highschool girl’s skirts, protect your doge by panties.”


… Excuse me?


Perhaps this is how dogs live their life? Wandering a Japanese city, lifting up girls skirts, avoiding cats, birds, and chickens… Awww Montaro, you’re adorable!



Starting with three sets (of knickers!?), we have our life-line. Slip on a banana, you lose half- yet this can be replenished by grabbing a pair from the unsuspecting public. The goal? To stay alive whilst collecting coins… To reach for that high score!


Touch a kitty, bird, or fall down a manhole- DEAD.


I’ll be honest, it’s a difficult nut to crack. – But, controls are tight! You’re at fault if when you mess up!



Aesthetically pleasing. The music sets the tone and delivers a fresh canvas from the main menu, ready for the beauty to ooze from your monitor. Montaro strides into action, as you continually notice the pixelated attention to detail with every step he makes.


Then when we have enough coins collected? Unlock some skin, and play again!


It’s one of those CUTE addictive/therapeutic games.


After all this, any faults? Yes. Mouse click to jump and a windowed screen. Clicking on other windows, nudging the START MENU button at the bottom, things like that can break immersion a little, and ruin a run.



Well, that’s pretty much it. There’s no depth in this game, nor is there any need. A game of skill. A “Donkey Kong” for the new age.


Graphics: 85%

Sound: 80%

Gameplay: 70%

Difficulty: 60%

Longevity: 60%



If you want more loveliness from Mr Wilson we suggest checking out his music page and visit his The DOS Place Facebook page.


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