Lara Croft Is Back: In a Smash Hit Slot Game

Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs may not be appearing on any video game charts, but it’s landed at online casinos and has become a huge hit within weeks. Temples and Tombs is an officially licenced slot game, which is the third release of Lara Croft-inspired casino games from top software developer Microgaming.



Of course, casino games developers often tie in with classic video games, as well as other elements of pop culture, including television, music and movies. Yet, it is arguable that Lara Croft is the best example of these crossovers. Indeed, the original Tomb Raider slot – while a bit dated in terms of graphics – is still wildly popular 15 years after its release.

That longevity of the original slot game, plus the success of the Secrets of the Sword (2008), has meant that the decade long wait for a new Tomb Raider slot game has caused casino players to really get excited about the release of the new game.


Graphics are top notch

Thankfully, Microgaming seems to have spent some time in coming up with something really special. The graphics, gameplay and special features are top notch, and the overall game really honours the Lara Croft video games in the way they are implemented in the slot.

If it sounds weird to laud a slot in such a way, you should really check out for yourself to see what it’s all about. This popular casino slot can be found at Mansion Casino, where it is given pride of place among games from the DC Superheroes range and Age of the Gods series. All the signs are that it could have similar longevity to the original Tomb Raider casino games.

So, what can you expect? The main draws of the gameplay are a Rolling Reels feature, where winning symbols explode after paying and are then replaced by new symbols. Once a new winning combination a multiplier is applied, doubling that win, tripling the next one and so on.


Jackpot triggers randomly

The game has three jackpot levels – Grand, Major and Minor – this is triggered randomly, and involves a sequence of solving the riddle of a special amulet that will decide which jackpot you are awarded. The top prize, Grand, will award 5,000 times your total bet, so you can see why the game is an attraction for players who want to play for low stakes.

While those jackpots are enticing, the game really comes alive in the game’s signature feature – the Free Spins Bonus. All wins are at the very least tripled in this feature, but the multiplier can reach up to 15x, meaning the payouts are potentially astronomical. The animation sequence leading up to the feature are excellent too.

All in all, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs is one of the best examples around of a branded casino slot, making use of its source material to ‘tell a story’. It has the sort of crossover appeal to attract non-casino players and enough big prizes to satisfy the highest of high rollers. An appealing addition to Lara Croft’s legacy of top casino games.



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