Interview – Pinball Arcade’s Andrew Lack

Andrew makes awesome, 1/12 scale, model arcade machines.  And as you can see, they’re pretty special.  Our man Keith has one and to say he’s pleased with it is an understatement!


We’re quite flabbergasted by the quality of these replica models here at Arcade Attack and as soon as we’ve saved up enough pennies the rest of us are adding to cart!  Pinball Arcade’s founder Andrew lack talks to us about what inspired him.  You can visit his etsy shop here:


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Check out Pinball Arcade’s facebook page here:


arcade21. Your miniature arcade models look amazing, what are they made out of and how long does it take you to make one?


Thanks !   They are mainly made from wood and it takes around 45 minutes to create the wood work element, then there is the painting process, followed by maybe another 45 minutes decalling etc…


2. How did you come up with this idea for a business and how long have you been doing this?


It’s a rubbish none specific answer but the idea just came to me.  I was never any good with my hands .. at DIY or anything like that.  My dad was a builder and carpenter and always tried to teach me stuff but I never picked it up. Then about 6 years ago he sadly died very suddenly, and the month after he died I just picked up some tools and  starting building with wood, and it was like suddenly I could build!  (We love this story – Ed)


3. Who are your main customers?


I have customers all over the world, from individuals to companies.  Lots of professional people.


arcade1-14. What inspires you when creating these models?


That’s a tricky question.  My inspiration comes from my family my wife and kids.  It’s for them that I get up every morning and try to be the best I can be and live my life to my own system.  William Blake once said ” if I do not invent my own system then I fear i will have to live by the system of other men ” and that ideology plays a big part in why I do my own thing too.


5. What is your favourite arcade machine ever?


Outrun – hands down.  The classic games are all about evoking memories and this reminds me of being a young child in Spain with my Father on holiday.  I was too short to hold the wheel and reach the pedals, so he did the pedals while I did the wheel.  I only have to hear the sound effects from that game and I’m right back there many decades ago.


arcade36. How did you get into video games and what are your fondest memories growing up with them?


My parents bought me a green screen Amstrad CPC464 when i was young and i loved it.  My fondest memory is as above.


7. What is your favourite console?


The Super Nintendo.  A classic system that evokes a brilliant time in my youth.


8. Which video game character would you go out for a drink with and why?


I stopped drinking a few years ago now so whichever character was dull enough to sit and share a cup of green tea with me!  (We’d share a green tea with you Andrew!)

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