How Arcade Games Changed the Slot Machine Business

The relationship between arcade games and slot machine gambling has long been alive, even if not always evident among the most frequent gamers. Some arcade games have influenced the production of gambling games. Other arcade games even include slot games as a side task within their narratives. One example is Super Mario – albeit not for real money but for in-game benefits.

Super Mario’s inclusion of slot games may be more of a tribute to a game gone by over the coming years as casinos move away from one-armed-bandit games and conventional slot games. Instead, they are choosing to cater to demand for more advanced graphics, interactive games and arcade style gaming. Read on to learn more.


The Issue with Slot Games

Slot games have been part of the furniture in casinos for some time, but that may change soon. These games have seen more gamblers walk away from them over the years in favour of more advanced games, interactive games and even arcade type gambling machines. There are many reasons for this, including fixed betting stakes, lack of engagement, poor chances of winning money – and the development of other gaming options with better technologies.

All of these have caused casinos to experience falling revenues on their slot machines, and made them look at other ways to revamp gaming and change their game offerings.


Nevada’s New Regulations

Changes to slot gaming have also come about from the Nevada commission introducing new rules that allow a gamer’s abilities and skill to determine their winnings. This is what is leading casinos to rethink their machines and somewhat turn their casinos into arcade style gaming where winning can be determined by a degree on players’ skills. Naturally, this change is pending to replace many slot machines that are losing engagement and are not as profitable for casinos, especially when floor space is monitored in terms of profit.


The Reaction to These Plans

The reaction has been mixed among gamblers. Those that still prefer to play those easy-going slots are annoyed by the changes because it means they will have fewer options. Yet, younger players and millennials welcome the changes who are in favour of gambling using arcade style games like Marble Madness, and interactive games. It is worth noting that the average age of the gambler using interactive gaming is eleven years younger than those using slot machines. It could be argued that casinos are making use of Nevada’s rule changes and preparing for the next generation of gamblers now, rather than tomorrow.


In a Nutshell

The proposed changes of redesigning what is on offer at a casino may come off the back of regulation changes, but it is also a sign of the times. Arcade games and interactive gaming is growing in line with developments in technology and the status of video gaming. Nevertheless, the relationship between gaming and gambling continues to influence each other and reshape each other’s industries.


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