Happy New Year Folks!!

Happy new year all! A lot of you would have seen me waffle on about what we’ve got in store for you early 2018, and I’m not lying, it’s gonna be pretty spectacular! We’ve got interviews with some of the biggest names in the retro gaming business, the podcast continues apace even in my absence and I’m seriously considering my own “video channel” where I play the games that defined my gaming history, probably with a baby strapped to me, so watch this space for that…


We’re avid readers/watchers of anything gaming/retrogaming related and  two articles were brought to my attention lately and they deserve your attention.



The first is an article over at the popular Well-Being Secrets blog that details all of the health benefits of gaming. Easing stress and improving cognitive function are the obvious ones but ever thought about boosting self-confidence and reversing the decline of brain function? No? Me neither. May many more be added to the list!



The second is actually from the tech blog over at Currys/PC World and gathers some interesting trends in gaming and gamers. Older women of over 55 are now a key demographic of female gamers. If someone had said that to me twenty years ago I’d have laughed. And not just because I was an immature schoolboy at the time. There are some other insights and the article also reinforces the health benefits so it’s well worth a quick read.


So readers, please show this and both linked articles to all the haters and we can get back to gaming in peace. If you have your own blog, podcast or channel please let us know through our social media channels and though here because we love subscribing to great content!


Have an excellent 2018 all!


Dylan (Ed)

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