Christmas is here!

And the goose is getting fat. We’ll be eating turkey over Christmas so he’ll be fine in front of EastEnders with a glass of port.


Seriously, we realise here that most of you will be having a deserved break with the family. We salute those of you who are working over the holidays. So we’re taking our Christmas break too.  Fear not, we’re still tweeting our favourite 30 features of 2016 in our #AAtop30 rundown on twitter (@arcadeattackUK) and we may surprise you with an impromptu retro review or two.


You can also check out our latest podcast of course.


In the new year we’ll be back with more features, retrospectives, interviews and reviews than you can shake a joystick at. Gunstar Heroes saviour Mac Senour and Dune 2  musical supremo Frank Klepacki are but two waiting in the wings to share their (our?) thoughts with you all.


Thank you all for making this year our best ever and we look forward to bringing you more and more enjoyable content in the years to come. Have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in 2017!


Dylan, Keith, Adrian and Rob

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