Retrola K Ase (By Undercoders) – Indie Feature

David Jaumandreu is the driving force behind Undercoders, an indie games company who have just released the amazing (and thankfully, very retro) Retrola K ase in Miracle World (Alex.K ain’t the only one…).  To see how retro David has gotten with this, check out the trailer here:   httpv://   I caught up with David … Read more

Jon Hare (Sensible) – Interview

He’s a true goal scoring superstarhero 😉 – supremo of Sensible Software – Jon Hare kindly granted us an audience so we could quiz him and basically tell him how great he is!  A world without Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder doesn’t bear thinking about…     Sensible Soccer was a worldwide smash – easily … Read more