Arcade Attack Podcast – September (2 of 5) 2021 – Mike Rouse (Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft & Anstream) – Interview

We love all our interviewees, this is fact. But every now and then we’ll have someone on who really blows us away. Mike Rouse’s work is phenomenal. One of Sony’s brightest talents he went on to help The Getaway (PS2) win a BAFTA in one of his first jobs. Stellar work at Ubisoft and Microsoft … Read more

Olivier Nallet (Jaguar supremo/Quantic Dream/EA/Valve) – Interview

Olivier Nallet has had a career in video games more distinguished than most. From developing Atari Jaguar favourite Super Burnout, to Omikron, to churning out hits for the EA Sports machine, he’s been there and done it all. Adrian popped him over a few questions to quiz him about those times, working for Valve and … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast – September (1 of 5) 2021 – Current gen (but not really as none of us can get a PS5) chat

On a retrogaming podcast? Are you kidding me?! Sort of. Our journey into the cold wastelands of Patreon has opened up a few opportunities to do different things. Adrian’s mum’s erotic novel is one (we’re all petrified, don’t worry) and the opportunity to talk about more modern stuff is another. Dylan (of all people) introduces … Read more