BeanBagBazaar (Gaming Beanbag Review)

Adrian’s worked his butt off of late so we thought we’d let him rest it on one of these fine gaming bean bags from BeanBagBazaar. And here’s what he thought of it! If you want to enter the draw to one one of these bad boys (and you live in the UK) the Rafflecopter is below!


OK, I will level with you, I knew gaming chairs were a thing, but truth be told, I never really paid too much attention to them! How could a chair really enhance your gaming experience, I would often mull over night after night? Ok, maybe not every night, but still you get my point. I was a tad sceptical to be completely truthful. My usual seating arrangements for gaming were my sofa, sitting on my footstool or just slumming it on the floor. Luckily for me, I was offered the opportunity to test out one of these bad boys from the fine chaps at Bean Bag Bazaar. They kindly sent me a i-eX Player Gaming Armchair Bean Bag and Footstool.



My wife’s face was a picture when two largish boxes arrived in the post, containing the bean bag shell / case, beans and footstool. “What on earth have you got this time!?” asked my wife. “Just you wait and see” I winked! That wink soon turned to a playful expression when I realised I needed a helper to put together the bean bags. It was time to funnel the beans to the bag (is it me, or could that line be used on an episode of Take Me Out?). The job at hand was quite a simple job and I can smugly report that only 7 pesky beans escaped during the funnelling!

We stood back and admired our handy work. Yup, that bean bag chair looked impressive for sure. It was bigger than I expected. I also noticed the classy drink holders. That is a sure sign of quality – if it can hold a cold beer, what more could you possibly ask for? But the real test was about to commence, how would my derriere respond to the bean bag? I placed the bean bag in front of my consoles, loaded up a Dreamcast game and sat down to play!


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Wowsers! I was in gaming heaven. The chair was comfortable but not restrictive. I was sitting up at the correct angle, with my back properly supported. I often link bean bags to being squishy and malleable, but the i-eX bean bag kept its shape without being rigid and hard on the old booty. Before I knew it, I was swept away with games and a quick gaming session soon turned into a mini-marathon!



The i-eX bean bag looks a cool matte black colour and is really lightweight. The footstool is also a nice bonus. I found the bag really portable which can easily be moved around the house and can be stored away (as long as you have quite a bit of free space).

I am now a gaming chair convert. I can see how it could make you a better player, especially as some games are concluded with the finest of margins. Overall, Bean Bag Bazaar are a place to check out if you are looking to enhance your gaming setup and / or just rest your tired backside after a busy day at work. Let the gaming commence.


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