The Battle – Round 4 of 5 – Best Platformer

So with Arcade Attack finally having notched up a point, we go into week 4 with something to play for.  It’s time to bring out the big guns and choose the genre that defined consoles back in the glory days – best platformer!


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Arcade Attack chooses… Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)


Sonic-1-master-system-labyrinthPredictable – yes.  Questionable – most certainly not.  Sonic the Hedgehog reached such heights that even the sequels couldn’t compare.  The SMS previously having been subjected to dross arcade conversions didn’t really have a platformer to call its own, until Sonic.


The graphics, speed of gameplay and sheer playability made this an instant hit – and not that inferior a brother to the bigger 16-bit version.  You could even argue that the bonus stage in this version is better than the 16-bit’s.


Add to this pot inventive levels, the Bridge and Jungle zones spring to mind (pardon the pun) and you’ve got one mammoth game.  If Sega had stuck to this formula for the sequels rather than focus on “improving” graphic detail and adding unnecessary speed, then maybe the SMS would’ve stuck around a wee bit longer.


UKNESBoy chooses… Mega Man 2 (NES)


Mega-Man-2-NESMega Man 2 ranks highly as one of the best platforming games to grace a home console and with very good reasoning.


The controls are simple yet effective, the music is memorable which will get you humming it long after you power down the console. The special moves you acquire from defeating the level bosses are well designed and the difficulty is challenging yet not intense.


Mega Man 2 is a game which cannot be bettered – everything works perfectly and one that appeals to veteran retro gamers and newer gamers alike. Take my advice, stick to the best!


And the winner is… Sonic!  which levels it at 2-2!


The-Battle-Round-5The Battle – Round 5 (Final Round)