The Battle – Round 3 of 5 – Best Puzzle Game!

With the first two rounds having gone to UKNESBoy it’s really time we turned this ship around!  Reminiscent of the NES pummeling the Master System back in the 80s and early 90s, we’re summoning up something special this week to stop history repeating!  One more win for the NES and the rest is irrelevant…


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Arcade Attack chooses… Lemmings (Master System)


master-system-lemmingsIgnoring the mini-miracle that this game is even on 8-bit, Lemmings is one of the most addictive and taxing puzzle games made on any platform and is by far the standout game of this genre on the MS.


The 8-bit handles the multi-coloured sprites and layouts with aplomb (even though backdrops are sacrificed).  The MS joypad, responsive enough to be able to rein the little blighters in.  With 120 levels, there is an awful lot of game here, going as far as any RPG (ahem, Zelda) on the NES.


The music is varied and doesn’t drone on like a lot of 8-bit titles.  The levels are ported almost entirely from the Amiga and PC versions meaning that 8-bit owners (like your humble editor here) didn’t miss out on the fun.


UKNESBoy chooses… Dr Mario (NES)


NES-Dr-MarioOver the course of Mario being the mascot for Nintendo, he has had a number of jobs – demolition expert, umpire and racer to name a few. So where did Mario take the time to gain a doctorate and dispense medicine?


Anywho, Dr Mario has the player dispensing pills comprising of two differing colours in order to connect four in a row to eliminate the virus. Dr Mario is a classic which does a number of things well, namely progressive difficulty and a fantastic two player co op with traps awaiting skilled players. Dr Mario is neccessary to any NES collection.


And the winner is… Lemmings!  By 17 points to 14.


My my, that was unexpected – looks like there’s life in the old dog yet – AA live to fight another day with UKNESBoy having a now slender 2-1 advantage going into Round 4 – Best Platformer.


The-Battle-Round-4Round 4 – Best Platformer