The Battle – Round 2 of 5 – Best Sport Sim!

So UKNESBoy took the first round 14 to 13 – a decent rally from the Sega Master System.  Let the #8bitbattle continue with this week’s face – off.  First up, last week’s victor UKNESBoy.


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UKNESBoy chooses…Track and Field (NES)


track-and-field-nesAlthough not all arcade ports transitioned well onto the NES, one that did was Track and Field.  Why have one game with one sport done well when you could have a game with 8 athletics events done well – what value for money!


With each event you compete in, there’s a qualifying time or score you need to beat before progressing to the next event.  In a number of events, you get 3 chances to exceed the qualifying score.  With solid controls, solid gameplay and a rock solid local multiplayer, get those button-bashing fingers warmed up and ibuprofen on stand by…


Arcade Attack chooses…Wimbledon (SMS)


wimbledon-master-systemThe sport sim is admittedly where the SMS falls on its face a bit.  Take out the excellent Winter Olympics 94 and you’re left with some truly awful football (American football and soccer) and basketball games.  Wimbledon offered, at the time, a fully licensed, instantly playable game based on the beloved tournament.


Why is it good?  The courts and sprites are as detailed as the 8-bit can get.  Couple this with excellent collision detection, fast-paced action and an intuitive control system (volleys, lobs, smashes all possible) and you’ve got one heck of a game.  The password-based progression system also meant you could improve your player’s stats as their career went on.


Two-player is also available, with CPU-assisted doubles.  There really is a lot of game here.  So good it spawned a sequel – which we won’t talk about…


And the winner is…


Track and Field takes it 16 to 7, another victory for UKNESBoy!


Are we gonna throw in the towel?  Not on your nelly!  Next week – Best Puzzle Game…


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