The Battle – RESULT

So there we have it – UKNESBoy takes the final round against us to win 3-2.  Here are those results in full:


Round 1 – Best Best Em Up – Double Dragon NES (14) beats Streets of Rage SMS (13)


Round 2 – Best Sport Sim – Track and Field NES (16) beats Wimbledon SMS (7)


Round 3 – Best Puzzle Game – Lemmings SMS (17) beats Dr Mario NES (14)


Round 4 – Best Platformer – Sonic 1 SMS (24) beats Mega Man 2 NES (20)


Final Round – Best Shooter – Gradius NES (28) beats R-Type SMS (27)


Congrats to UKNESBoy, we gave him a fight but it simply wasn’t to be.  We will return to our cave to lick our wounds but rest assured, this shan’t be the end of it…


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