Arcade Attack Podcast – April (1 of 2) 2017

Podcast 8 – April (1 of 2) 2017 This week Adrian waxes lyrical about Zool, Keith delves into the money pit of collecting Japanese Sega Saturn games, and Dylan takes us back to the beginning of his gaming life with Ghostbusters on the Master System.   You can download the podcast on iTunes here, download on Stitcher … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast – March (2 of 2) 2017

Podcast 7 – March (2 of 2) 2017 This week we take a look at three memorable titles from our gaming youth – Mega Drive Zelda ‘homage’ Landstalker, Medieval Amiga classic Moonstone, and everyone’s favourite half shell heroes – TMNT on the NES.   If you like Moonstone, check out out interview with Moonstone superfan Rob Taylor. … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast – March (1 of 2) 2017

Podcast 6 – March (1 of 2) 2017 On this week’s episode, Dylan pays tribute to one of the greatest games ever made – Final Fantasy VII. So join us as we team up with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and the gang as they take on Shinra and face the diabolical Sephiroth in the battle to save Gaia… … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast – February (2 of 2) 2017

Podcast 5 – February (2 of 2) 2017 This week we look back at a seminal PlayStation 2 title, and one of the greatest horror games of all time – Silent Hill 2. Join us as we descend into the fog once more, and experience the horrors that await James Sunderland on the shores of Toluca … Read more