Arcade Attack Podcast – January (2 of 4) 2022 – Ken Levine (BioShock legend)

Adrian’s persistence pays off in a big way as he finally got to chat to industry legend Ken Levine! The BioShock legend answers questions about its origins, influences, the truth behind the (BioShock) movie and much more. He also discusses his failed screenplay career, how everything at Irrational Games started with System Shock 2, how … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast – January (1 of 4) 2022 – Rob Fulop (Atari)

The Atari legend was responsible for some of the 2600’s biggest hits including the Missile Command port and the addictive Demon Attack. Adrian also quizzes him on Night Trap and much, much more. Like what we do? Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Fancy discussing this podcast? Fancy suggesting a topic of conversation? Please tweet … Read more