Streets of Rage 4 (Indie Review)

A few of you may remember, I was a tad sceptical when this game was announced! A lot of your shared my concerns but, given early reviews, a lot of this has been blown out of the water. Now the game is here it’s only fair that a different AA team member tackles the review … Read more

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (Indie/Switch Review)

For me, the Switch is the perfect platform for remasters and re-imaginings of the classic games of yesteryear! I have recently enjoyed playing Pang Adventures which adds a glossy look and few surprises to one of my favourite arcade shooter/puzzlers. After popping numerous bubbles, I soon had the opportunity to actually create some! Getting my … Read more

Pawarumi (Manufacture 43) – Indie Review

An indie review you say? We don’t usually bust out the big guns on current gen gaming unless it has a strong retrogaming flavour. Thankfully that can be said of Pawarumi, a vertical scrolling shmup that has hints of Ikaruga, Axelay and many other shmups we love. Adrian is the only one of the team … Read more

Horizon Shift ’81 (Flump Studios) – Indie Feature

When we first started this site in 2014 we asked on Twitter if any indie game devs were happy to share their work with us and do a Q&A. Step forward Paul from Flump Studios, the creator of Horizon Shift, Pester and Hyper Bounce Blast. With each release he goes from strength to strength and … Read more

Horizon Chase Turbo (Aquiris) – Indie Feature

Let’s not beat about the bush, Horizon Chase Turbo is the most fun racer we’ve played in years. Drawing inspiration from many retro games we adore, with a soundtrack by retro gaming music god Barry Leitch (who we hope to have on the blog soon!), it’s available on multiple platforms and is definitely worth a … Read more