Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast Review)

Our resident Dreamcast expert Faith is back to review a game we’ve always been curious about but never had the facilities to play (online). Phantasy Star Online continues to roll on a full nineteen-and-a-bit years later. It was ported to other platforms but would you really wanna play it on GameCube? Yeah, me neither.   … Read more

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 (Dreamcast Review)

2D fighting games were all the rage during the 90’s. Kings of the arcade Capcom brought us Street Fighter II in 1991 and it was not long until every man and his dog was releasing a clone of this iconic title. Some built on its brilliance while others were down right awful but one developer … Read more

Top Tens – Top Ten Dreamcast RPGs!

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, we don’t know anything about Dreamcast RPGs! But new AA member and Dreamcast expert Retro Faith does! So here she is…   When I was asked to contribute to AA I saw it is an opportunity to write different types of articles from my usual retrospectives. After … Read more

Mr Driller (Dreamcast Review)

Getting a new writer on board is always a joy and this is no exception. We’ve marvelled at her Dreamcast collection on the Dreamcast Junkyard Facebook group for a few years now and thanks to a recommendation from our Chris she is now contributing great reviews like this one! Mr Driller is hopefully the first of … Read more

Andrew Dickinson (Dreamcast: Year One) – Interview

The Kickstarter for Dreamcast: Year One is well underway, an unofficial yet lovely looking book that will fit nicely in our retro gaming library. We simply had to track down its author Andrew Dickinson for a lovely Dreamcast/Sega chat. Lots of info here and if the project sounds to your liking head to the Kickstarter … Read more