Olly Dibben (The Bitmap Brothers) – Interview

Is Olly Dibben the nicest person Arcade Attack have interviewed so far? Quite possibly, although Gareth Jones might have something to say about that…  Ace programmer Olly is currently working on Byte Damage which frankly looks AMAZING.  Here he talks about starting out at The Bitmap Brothers, the abandoned Speedball 3 and raises the important … Read more

What The Hell Flying Edge!!!

Something troubles me, and it’s been troubling me since the early nineties. I sometimes awake in the middle of the night, skin cold and damp, screaming. Badly…coloured…badly…animated…sprites…collision…detection…non…existent, arrrggggggh! I compose myself and reach for the paracetamol. Surely it was all a dream? NO! Flying Edge really did happen!   The Mega Drive and Master System … Read more