Joe Sousa (Atari) – Interview

We love an Atari insight at Arcade Attack so we tracked down yet another Atari alumni! Joe Sousa was a key tester there in the early 90s having tested/designed a variety of Lynx and Jaguar games. He even co-designed Adrian’s favourite ever (possibly…) Jag game, Kasumi Ninja! He also worked on the NUON console which … Read more

Bastian Schick (Jaguar/Lynx Homebrew) – Interview

Another treat for you Atari Jaguar homebrew fans, in fact, for you Lynx homebrew fans as well! Bastian Schick (aka 42Bastian) is a master of both, perhaps the only one we know which makes him a bit special. We sent Adrian along to find out a lot more about the man himself and his work. … Read more