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  • October (5 of 5) 2018

    Rob’s here this week to talk us through Golden Axe, a franchise that all of us have had experience with and confirms, as we’ve all suspected, that it pioneered a lot of game mechanics prevalent in today’s gaming… Arcade Attack October 5 2018 Podcast

  • September (3 of 4) 2018

    Was Rise of the Robots really that bad? Dylan’s having a hard time convincing the guys… Arcade Attack September 3 2018 Podcast

  • August (3 of 4) 2018

    Keith’s dying to tell us all about Virtual On and the Mechs in his living room! Sega’s arcade classic took mech-fighting to the next level and was one of the best arcade conversions to the Saturn… Arcade Attack August 3 2018 Podcast

  • April (4 of 5) 2018

    The Sega Saturn, what went wrong? We try to find out… Arcade Attack April 4 2018 Podcast

  • October (3 of 5) 2017

    Paramount have announced a Sonic game coming 2019 hooray! We chat through possible storylines and casting… Arcade Attack October 3 2017 Podcast

  • July (1 of 5) 2017

    July 2017’s first podcast is a battle between Daytona USA and Sega Rally – both of which were on the Saturn of course… Arcade Attack July 1 Podcast

  • April (1 of 2) 2017

    April 2017’s first podcast features a nice chunk of Japanese Saturn gets as well as Zool and Ghostbusters… Arcade Attack April 1 2017 Podcast