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  • July (5 of 5) 2019

    Thrill Kill on the PS1 was pulled from the shelves by EA but why? The second episode of our Lost Games series focuses on the highly controversial 4-player beat em up… Arcade Attack July 5 2019 Podcast

  • March (2 of 4) 2019

    Silent Hill has provided us with a lot of memories over the years but it’s seemingly come to an end. We discuss every title and document its demise… Arcade Attack March 2 2019 Podcast

  • November (3 of 4) 2018

    Core Design’s Nathan McCree composed the music for the first three Tomb Raider games and he kindly agreed to have a chat with our Adrian about the old days and working with a certain small band called The Spice Girls… Arcade Attack November 3 2018 Podcast

  • October (1 of 5) 2018

    Clock Tower is probably the scariest game you’ve never played. Why? Because it’s damn expensive that’s why! Through the wonders of emulation Keith was able to bask in the glow of this fabled game, and now we all want a go… Arcade Attack October 1 2018 Podcast

  • September (3 of 4) 2018

    Was Rise of the Robots really that bad? Dylan’s having a hard time convincing the guys… Arcade Attack September 3 2018 Podcast

  • September (1 of 4) 2018

    It seems unthinkable that GTA had relatively lukewarm beginnings in its PS1 debut, a top-down 2.5D game concocted by DMA Design. Dylan talks the gang (minus Rob and Kev) through those humble beginnings… Arcade Attack September 1 2018 Podcast

  • April (5 of 5) 2018

    He was responsible for some of the biggest releases on the Atari Jaguar whilst also being the former vice president of Sony’s R&D team. Here is Bill Rehbock… Arcade Attack April 5 2018 Podcast

  • February (4 of 4) 2018

    He’s true gaming royalty and has worked on over 300 video games since the 90s which is quite frankly staggering! Adrian catches up with Tommy Tallarico… Arcade Attack February 4 2018 Podcast

  • August (4 of 4) 2017

    Bubsy, the world’s favourite anthropomorphic bobcat (?) takes centre stage in this week’s podcast, Bubsy 3D in particular… Arcade Attack August 4 2017 Podcast

  • August (3 of 4) 2017

    Dino Crisis series gets the full AA treatment in this episode… Arcade Attack August 3 2017 Podcast

  • August (1 of 4) 2017

    It’s time to pay homage to what we believe is still the best game of the franchise – Resident Evil TWO… Arcade Attack August 1 2017 Podcast

  • May (1 of 4) 2017

    Hideo Kojima’s 1998 masterpiece Metal Gear Solid is a personal favourite of both Keith and Dylan, and is definitely worthy of its very own podcast… Arcade Attack May 1 2017 Podcast

  • March (1 of 2) 2017

    The best game of all time? Possibly… We pay homage to the EPIC Final Fantasy VII… Arcade Attack March 1 2017 Podcast