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  • November (4 of 4) 2019

    Ohhhh Adrian’s acquired a 32X! SEGA’s last attempt to squeeze life out of the Mega Drive/Genesis did not sell well but it does have its plus points. Adrian shares his thoughts with the gang… Arcade Attack November 4 2019 Podcast

  • October (4 of 4) 2019

    The time has come (probably) for Adrian and Dylan’s last ever chat about the Jaguar CD and Sega (Mega) CD. Myst, QTE games and the Make My Video series take centre stage… Arcade Attack October 4 2019 Podcast

  • September (3 of 5) 2019

    Happy 26th anniversary Mortal Monday! Mortal Kombat gets the full AA treatment with some more of Rob’s lovely singing… Arcade Attack September 3 2019 Podcast

  • June (2 of 4) 2019

    It’s here! The Mega Drive/Genesis Mini and its three variants have had their full lineups announced! But what do we think? Better have a listen… Arcade Attack June 2 2019 Podcast

  • February (4 of 4) 2019

    Sound Test Vol.1 – Keith shares his favourite Mega Drive/Genesis boss themes and it is a cracker. Some you will have heard, and some you won’t… Arcade Attack February 4 2019 Podcast

  • November (1 of 4) 2018

    Dylan and Adrian’s meandering chat about the Atari Jaguar CD and Sega (Mega) CD peripherals they picked up a few months ago went so well they decided to give us an update! Rob and Keith joined this time round to mainly look confused… Arcade Attack November 1 2018 Podcast

  • October (5 of 5) 2018

    Rob’s here this week to talk us through Golden Axe, a franchise that all of us have had experience with and confirms, as we’ve all suspected, that it pioneered a lot of game mechanics prevalent in today’s gaming… Arcade Attack October 5 2018 Podcast

  • September (3 of 4) 2018

    Was Rise of the Robots really that bad? Dylan’s having a hard time convincing the guys… Arcade Attack September 3 2018 Podcast

  • July (5 of 5) 2018

    There’s a certain cowboy franchise that’s about to drop a massive sequel and it’s got Dylan thinking about his favourite Western-a-like, Sunset Riders… Arcade Attack July 5 2018 Podcast

  • June (4 of 4) 2018

    Adrian and Dylan have finally shelled out for their most wanted CD peripherals and they’re not happy! Just kidding! Adrian’s picked up the Jag CD, Dylan paid a bit less for his Sega CD… Arcade Attack June 4 2018 Podcast

  • June (2 of 4) 2018

    RoboCop vs Terminator – not just a glorious Genesis/Mega Drive game, Rob talks us through its comic beginnings (the media format, not hilarity) to said SEGA 16-bit version and I suppose we’d better talk about the (ugh) SNES version… Arcade Attack June 2 2018 Podcast

  • May (3 of 4) 2018

    We take a look at those creepy and creepily good McDonald’s games in this super-sized special… Arcade Attack May 3 2018 Podcast

  • May (2 of 4) 2018

    This week we join the queue of people warbling on about the Mega Drive Mini recently announced. We add in a bit of chat about the PS4 MD Collection forthcoming and chat about our dream lineup for the mini… Arcade Attack May 2 2018 Podcast

  • February (4 of 4) 2018

    He’s true gaming royalty and has worked on over 300 video games since the 90s which is quite frankly staggering! Adrian catches up with Tommy Tallarico… Arcade Attack February 4 2018 Podcast

  • January (2 of 5) 2018

    Why not kill time at work listening to our chat about Desert Strike and its ace sequel Jungle Strike with lots of opinion and trivia thrown in… Arcade Attack January 2 2018 Podcast

  • December (3 of 4) 2017

    In the first of our Christmas specials, Adrian talks about a Christmas-themed hidden gem that if you have it could fetch you more than a pretty penny! We also bounce about some other Christmas-themed games… Arcade Attack December 3 2017 Podcast

  • December (1 of 4) 2017

    Yup, they’re “at each other’s throats” again. Dylan is bringing Out Run, Keith is bringing Power Drift. Hear the history. Hear the facts. Who will win? Arcade Attack December 1 2017 Podcast

  • November (3 of 4) 2017

    NBA Jam is up against the Atari-Jaguar-only White Men Can’t Jump, a game so loosely based on the film it hurts, in this week’s face-off… Arcade Attack November 3 2017 Podcast

  • October (4 of 5) 2017

    In the first of our Halloween Specials we take a look at the landmark title Night Trap, what surrounded its initial release and what the PS4 version has to offer… Arcade Attack October 4 2017 Podcast

  • October (3 of 5) 2017

    Paramount have announced a Sonic game coming 2019 hooray! We chat through possible storylines and casting… Arcade Attack October 3 2017 Podcast

  • October (1 of 5) 2017

    Sylvester Stallone ranks No. 2 of all-time action heroes here at AA (sorry Adrian!) so we’ve had a bit of a chat about some of his VG exploits inc Judge Dreed and Demolition Man… Arcade Attack October 1 2017 Podcast

  • September (2 of 4) 2017

    It’s about time we talked about retro video game music. Keith kicks us off with his favourite VGM soundtracks and what makes them special for him, finishing with a VGM quiz… Arcade Attack September 2 2017 Podcast

  • August (4 of 4) 2017

    Bubsy, the world’s favourite anthropomorphic bobcat (?) takes centre stage in this week’s podcast, Bubsy 3D in particular… Arcade Attack August 4 2017 Podcast

  • July (3 of 5) 2017

    For our 20th podcast special we thought it apt to tell you all a bit about ourselves and our retro gaming backgrounds… Arcade Attack July 3 2017 Podcast

  • June (3 of 4) 2017

    FIFA or Sensi? We had a choice to make when we were kids, did we make the right one… Arcade Attack June 3 Podcast

  • June (1 of 4) 2017

    Eternal Champions and, ahem, Ballz 3D feature in our SF2 “clone” special… Arcade Attack June 1 Podcast

  • May (4 of 4) 2017

    The last May 2017 podcast contains a look at 16-bit classic Flashback and a comparison to its sequel Fade to Black… Arcade Attack May 4 Podcast

  • May (2 of 4) 2017

    Earthworm Jim was landmark on the Mega Drive and more than worthy of its own podcast… Arcade Attack May 2 2017 Podcast

  • March (2 of 2) 2017

    Landstalker on the MD gets the Keith treatment. Moonstone on the Amiga and the first TMNT NES game also feature… Arcade Attack March 2 2017 Podcast

  • February (1 of 2) 2017

    Dune 2, Road Rash 1 & 2 and erm… Home Alone, all feature in the first February 2017 podcast… Arcade Attack February 1 2017 Podcast

  • November 2016

    In our first ever pod, Keith reviews the excellent Shadow Dancer on the MD. Atari Jaguar, retro gets and a trip to EGX all feature… Arcade Attack November 2016 Podcast