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  • December (2 of 5) 2019

    What do classic Dreamcast games Giga Wing 2, Project Justice and Cannon Spike have in common? You won’t have to wait til the end of the episode to find out. Dylan’s done his research (for once!) and takes us through their history… Arcade Attack December 2 2019 Podcast

  • October (3 of 5) 2017

    Paramount have announced a Sonic game coming 2019 hooray! We chat through possible storylines and casting… Arcade Attack October 3 2017 Podcast

  • August (3 of 4) 2017

    Dino Crisis series gets the full AA treatment in this episode where we touch on the DC version of the original… Arcade Attack August 3 2017 Podcast

  • July (4 of 5) 2017

    There was a DC version of Half-Life and Adrian touches on how to get a copy in this homage to Half-Life and Counter-Strike… Arcade Attack July 4 2017 Podcast