We've had the honour of interviewing some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, those responsible for bringing a lot of our childhoods to fruition and also those looking to keep retro gaming alive.

Retro Gaming Legends


  • Al Alcorn

    One of the godfathers of gaming, the Atari and Pong legend kindly popped down to our offices for a quick chat… Al Alcorn Interview

  • Dona Bailey

    She created the masterpiece Centipede with Ed Logg and it’s a pleasure to be able to chat to her about her brief but landmark gaming career… Dona Bailey Interview

  • Hal Barwood

    You know the name. You know the game. The Fate of Atlantis supremo tells us all the tales… Hal Barwood Interview

  • Violet Berlin

    What Violet doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. We catch up with one of our childhood heroes… Violet Berlin Interview

  • Jeremy Blaustein

    The Konami (Silent Hill 2, MGS) supreme translator joins us in the AA den… Jeremy Blaustein Interview

  • Graeme Boxall

    Did you know he’s the Thug in Chaos Engine? Well you do now… Graeme Boxall Interview

  • Allister Brimble

    No one made Amiga tunes like this man. How did he do it? Find out here… Allister Brimble Interview

  • David Burton

    Ace retro game tune remixer David Burton tells us how to do it and also what happened to the SOR remake… David Burton Interview


  • Jonathan Cauldwell

    Those of you linked to the current Spectrum scene will know the name. He’s made more Speccy games than you can shake a stick at… Jonathan Cauldwell Interview

  • Brandon Cobb

    Super Fighter Team are bringing Japanese games to the masses and their main man gives us the lowdown… Super Fighter Team Interview

  • Andy Collins

    Games World host and all round ace dude Andy C gives us his take on the 90s… Andy Collins Interview

  • Glenn Corpes

    Populous was a big deal for us, which instantly makes GC a big deal… Glenn Corpes Interview

  • Andy Crane

    The TV legend drops by to tell us what he really thinks of video games… Andy Crane Interview

  • David Crane

    Multiple screen platformers owe it all to this guy. The Pitfall! legend tells all… David Crane Interview

  • Dylan Cuthbert

    Nintendo and Sony supremo DC tells us about the magical journey which ended up with him in Kyoto… Dylan Cuthbert Interview

  • Olly Dibben

    Bitmap Brothers stalwart Olly Dibben has more than a few tricks up his sleeve… Olly Dibben Interview

  • Mev Dinc

    The First (and Second) Samurai creator tells us about his new (very related) project… Mev Dinc Interview

  • David Dutton

    Cinefix is one of our major fixes. The main man is David Dutton and here he is… David Dutton Interview


  • Rob Fulop

    Demon Attack, Night Trap, thank you Rob Fulop! We chat to the Atari supremo… Rob Fulop Interview

  • A&C Games

    Canada’s primo retro gaming store give us a few answers and sells us a few bits… A&C Games Interview

  • Mario Gonzalez

    Action 52’s lead dev gives us quite the insight on the failed compendium… Mario Gonzalez Interview

  • Rodney Greenblat

    The PaRappa The Rapper artist swings by to tell us how it all started… Rodney Greenblat Interview

  • Dave Grossman

    The Monkey Island legend brings more than a few anecdotes your way… Dave Grossman Interview


  • Alex Hall

    Ben Drowned is the now legendary creepypasta tale of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge. Adrian caught up with its writer Alex Hall for an insight… Alex Hall Interview

  • Steve Hammond

    Lemmings hotshot Steve Hammond tells what it was really like working with Mike Dailly… Steve Hammond Interview

  • Jon Hare

    He’s a goalscoring superstar hero and also a very welcome guest of ours… Jon Hare Interview

  • Brian Hartley

    The Codemasters legend spares a bit of his time for his so we can hassle him constantly about Micro Machines… Brian Hartley Interview

  • Mike Hayes

    Having improved both Nintendo’s and Sega’s fortunes is quite a thing to have on your CV… Mike Hayes Interview

  • Ben Herman

    Ex SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman joined us courtesy of Jordan Freeman and the folks down at ZOOM Platform… Ben Herman Interview

  • Thomas Hertzler

    Rainbow Arts supremo Thomas H gives us the lowdown on all things Giana amognst others… Thomas Hertzler Interview

  • Rob Hubbard (And Chris Abbott)

    Retro gaming music god Rob Hubbard drops with his partner in crime to tell a few stories… Rob Hubbard Interview

  • Sonic Zong Hui

    The Street Fighter X Mega Man creator gives us an insight… Sonic Zong Hui Interview


  • Eugene Jarvis

    Atari (and video games as a whole) wouldn’t have been the same without this guy… Eugene Jarvis Interview

  • Greg Johnson

    Pretty much a deity, the ToeJam & Earl creator swings by for a quick chat… Greg Johnson Interview

  • Gareth Jones

    Yes indeed, 90s TV legend Gaz Top gave our humble blog an interview. We’re not worthy… Gareth Jones Interview

  • Mark R Jones

    Ocean legend and Spectrum developer Mark Jones tells us all about the pitfalls of the great computer… Mark R Jones Interview

  • Tom Kalinske

    Sega would have got nowhere without this guy. We owe him a lot… Tom Kalinske Interview

  • Garry Kitchen

    Another Atari stalwart to add to our list. The Keystone Kapers guru drops by… Garry Kitchen Interview

  • Frank Klepacki

    The Westwood Studios musical genius spares some of his precious time for us… Frank Klepacki Interview


  • Marc Laidlaw

    Half-Life’s chief story writer gives us the news about HL3 in what will probably be our most viewed article of all time… Marc Laidlaw Interview

  • Michael Latham

    Eternal Champions is an AA fave. We present to you its creator… Michael Latham Interview

  • Minh Le

    Another massive coup (you’ll see what I did there) for this little blog, the Counter-Strike co-creator stops by… Minh Le Interview

  • Thierry Levastre

    Delphine’s graphics guru has more than a few words to say about Paul Cuisset… Thierry Levastre Interview

  • Steven McKevitt

    If you need a retro gaming anecdote you need to go to this guy. The Gremlin legend stops by for a quick chat… Steven McKevitt Interview

  • Steve Meretzky

    Infcom and text-based adventuring supremo Steve Meretzky joins us on the couch… Steve Meretzky Interview

  • Mike Mika

    Atari creative director supreme Mike Mika tells us all about hidden marriage proposals n all… Mike Mika Interview

  • Scott Miller

    Shareware wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for this guy. Apogee and 3D Realms hero Scott Miller drops by… Scott Miller Interview

  • Jeff Minter

    Adrian will say this man is a retro gaming god, and we’d be inclined to agree. A man who needs no introduction, here is Jeff Minter… Jeff Minter Interview

  • Brian Moriarty

    LOOM is one of our favourite point and click games, so here’s its creator to tell us more… Brian Moriarty Interview

  • Michael Murashov

    The Alien Shooter supremo joins us for a quick chat… Michael Murashov Interview


  • Philip Oliver

    With his brother he created one small egg and one large legacy… Philip Oliver Interview

  • Aldo Palumbo

    The producer of Bits on Channel 4 tells us what it was like making it… Aldo Palumbo Interview

  • Dave Perry

    TV presenting was a doddle for this guy and he taught us a lot in the 90s. Here’s all the goss on GamesMaster and more… Dave Perry Interview

  • David Perry

    Aladdin, Cool Spot, Jungle Book – I could go on. This guy made those games come to life and the pleasure here was all ours… David Perry Interview

  • Ronald Pieket

    SWIV and Silkworm’s Ronald Pieket stops by to spill the beans… Ronald Pieket Interview

  • Mike Pollock

    Otherwise known as Dr Eggman in the cartoon voice, the boss of voice acting tells us all… Mike Pollock Interview

  • Mike Posehn

    The creator of Desert Strike (and staunch liberal) drops by to tell us how it all started… Mike Posehn Interview


  • Retro Store

    We caught up with the store’s founder Peter to find out more on the random box craze… Retro Store Interview

  • Warren Robinett

    You guessed it. The man who invented the Adventure genre gives us a piece of his mind… Warren Robinett Interview

  • Running With Scissors

    Vince Desi and Mike Jaret from RWS join us for the most expletive-laden interview we’ve ever had! And we love it… Running With Scissors Interview

  • Mac Senour

    Gunstar Heroes wouldn’t have made the light of day if it wasn’t for this man… Mac Senour Interview

  • Chris Shrigley

    So, so much information with one of EA and Gremlin’s brightest sparks… Chris Shrigley Interview

  • Ken Silverman

    The Ken’s Labyrinth/Duke Nukem 3D supremo tells us how he did it all in the first place… Ken Silverman Interview

  • Jon St. John

    It’s Duke Nukem himself, nothing else needed to say… Jon St John Interview

  • Darryl Still

    Involved in the release of the ST, Lynx and Jaguar, there isn’t much the Atari hotshot doesn’t know… Darryl Still Interview

  • Bernie Stolar (and Jordan Freeman)

    The Dreamcast and PlayStation Godfather tells us about those times and also forming the excellent ZOOM Platform with Jordan Freeman… Bernie Stolar Interview

  • The Strong

    Video games’ first ever hall of fame tell us a little bit more and how this all happened… The Strong Interview


  • Rob Taylor

    Moonstone Tavern’s landlord swings by for a few pints of mead to discuss the cult game… Rob Taylor Interview

  • Doug TenNapel

    Yes, we managed to bag an interview with the Earthworm Jim creator himself… Doug TenNapel Interview

  • Faran Thomason

    A must read for Jaguar fans – Atari hotshot producer gives us the lowdown on everything, even Bubsy… Faran Thomason Interview

  • Feargus Urquhart

    The Fallout creator gives us a lowdown on making things more difficult for gamers… Feargus Urquhart Interview

  • Alex Verrey

    It’s none other than Games World’s Big Boy Barry… Alex Verrey Interview

  • Video Games New York

    Possibly the best retro gaming store in North America, we went to find out more… VideoGamesNewYork Interview