We've had the honour of interviewing some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, those responsible for bringing a lot of our childhoods to fruition and also those looking to keep retro gaming alive.

Retro Gaming Legends


  • Scott Adams

    Text-based adventure games were the foundation of adventure gaming – we owe Scott Adams a lot… Scott Adams Interview

  • Al Alcorn

    One of the godfathers of gaming, the Atari and Pong legend kindly popped down to our offices for a quick chat… Al Alcorn Interview

  • Dona Bailey

    She created the masterpiece Centipede with Ed Logg and it’s a pleasure to be able to chat to her about her brief but landmark gaming career… Dona Bailey Interview

  • Vincent Baillet

    A member of Loriciel, he left the stricken company and he helped deliver Val d’Isère Skiing as well as manage the Psygnosis Paris dev studio… Vincent Baillet Interview

  • Hal Barwood

    You know the name. You know the game. The Fate of Atlantis supremo tells us all the tales… Hal Barwood Interview

  • Violet Berlin

    What Violet doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. We catch up with one of our childhood heroes… Violet Berlin Interview

  • Jeremy Blaustein

    The Konami (Silent Hill 2, MGS) supreme translator joins us in the AA den… Jeremy Blaustein Interview

  • Joe Bostic

    Joe Bostic created (along with Brett Sperry) the masterpiece that is Command & Conquer… Joe Bostic Interview

  • Graeme Boxall

    Did you know he’s the Thug in Chaos Engine? Well you do now… Graeme Boxall Interview

  • Allister Brimble

    No one made Amiga tunes like this man. How did he do it? Find out here… Allister Brimble Interview

  • Jim Bulmer

    SNK programming guru Jim Bulmer stopped by to chat about King of Fighters and much, much more… Jim Bulmer Interview

  • Andrew Burgess

    S.T.U.N Runner and Atari supremo Andrew Burgess joined Adrian for a quick chat for what is a fascinating insight to the beloved (at times) company and its ill-fated Jaguar console… Andrew Burgess Interview

  • David Burton

    Ace retro game tune remixer David Burton tells us how to do it and also what happened to the SOR remake… David Burton Interview


  • Jonathan Cauldwell

    Those of you linked to the current Spectrum scene will know the name. He’s made more Speccy games than you can shake a stick at… Jonathan Cauldwell Interview

  • Brandon Cobb

    Super Fighter Team are bringing Japanese games to the masses and their main man gives us the lowdown… Super Fighter Team Interview

  • Andy Collins

    Games World host and all round ace dude Andy C gives us his take on the 90s… Andy Collins Interview

  • Glenn Corpes

    Populous was a big deal for us, which instantly makes GC a big deal… Glenn Corpes Interview

  • David Craddock

    The Rocket Jump author told us a bit more about this and some of his other lovely projects… David Craddock Interview

  • Andy Crane

    The TV legend drops by to tell us what he really thinks of video games… Andy Crane Interview

  • David Crane

    Multiple screen platformers owe it all to this guy. The Pitfall! legend tells all… David Crane Interview

  • Dylan Cuthbert

    Nintendo and Sony supremo DC tells us about the magical journey which ended up with him in Kyoto… Dylan Cuthbert Interview

  • Olly Dibben

    Bitmap Brothers stalwart Olly Dibben has more than a few tricks up his sleeve… Olly Dibben Interview

  • Mike Dietz

    His work for Virgin in the early to mid nineties really opened up what the 16-bit machines could do and accounted for some of the most memorable games in our collections… Mike Dietz Interview

  • Mev Dinc

    The First (and Second) Samurai creator tells us about his new (very related) project… Mev Dinc Interview

  • Tom duBois

    Cover artist extraordinaire Tom duBois visited us for a great chat and insight as to the life of the video game cover artist… Tom duBois Interview

  • David Dutton

    Cinefix is one of our major fixes. The main man is David Dutton and here he is… David Dutton Interview


  • Noah Falstein

    The LucasArts legend that is Noah Falstein joined Adrian for a quick Q&A about Fate of Atlantis and much more… Noah Falstein Interview

  • Aaron Fothergill

    With his brother created the incredibly fun AiRburst games, he also converted the amazing Zoop to the Atari Jaguar… Aaron Fothergill Interview

  • Rob Fulop

    Demon Attack, Night Trap, thank you Rob Fulop! We chat to the Atari supremo… Rob Fulop Interview

  • A&C Games

    Canada’s primo retro gaming store give us a few answers and sells us a few bits… A&C Games Interview

  • Mario Gonzalez

    Action 52’s lead dev gives us quite the insight on the failed compendium… Mario Gonzalez Interview

  • Johannes Graf

    We love Iron Soldier 3. Therefore, we love Johannes Graf. The Atari veteran discusses IS3, Sturmwind and the amazing Alpine Games to name but three of the great titles he’s worked on… Johannes Graf Interview

  • Rodney Greenblat

    The PaRappa The Rapper artist swings by to tell us how it all started… Rodney Greenblat Interview

  • Dave Grossman

    The Monkey Island legend brings more than a few anecdotes your way… Dave Grossman Interview

  • Guys on Film Podcast

    Adrian got chatting to Olly Johnson and Iain Smith who’ve been working on killer Codemasters and Rockstar titles since the early 2000s… Guys on Film Interview


  • Alex Hall

    Ben Drowned is the now legendary creepypasta tale of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge. Adrian caught up with its writer Alex Hall for an insight… Alex Hall Interview

  • Steve Hammond

    Lemmings hotshot Steve Hammond tells what it was really like working with Mike Dailly… Steve Hammond Interview

  • James Hampton

    LucasArts and Atari supremo James “Purple” Hampton joined Adrian for a lovely Q&A… James Hampton Interview

  • Jon Hare

    He’s a goalscoring superstar hero and also a very welcome guest of ours… Jon Hare Interview

  • Brian Hartley

    The Codemasters legend spares a bit of his time for his so we can hassle him constantly about Micro Machines… Brian Hartley Interview

  • Mike Hayes

    Having improved both Nintendo’s and Sega’s fortunes is quite a thing to have on your CV… Mike Hayes Interview

  • Ben Herman

    Ex SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman joined us courtesy of Jordan Freeman and the folks down at ZOOM Platform… Ben Herman Interview

  • Thomas Hertzler

    Rainbow Arts supremo Thomas H gives us the lowdown on all things Giana amognst others… Thomas Hertzler Interview

  • Frederic Houde

    We chatted with the Rayman co-creator himself… Frederic Houde Interview

  • Rob Hubbard (And Chris Abbott)

    Retro gaming music god Rob Hubbard drops with his partner in crime to tell a few stories… Rob Hubbard Interview

  • Sonic Zong Hui

    The Street Fighter X Mega Man creator gives us an insight… Sonic Zong Hui Interview


  • Eugene Jarvis

    Atari (and video games as a whole) wouldn’t have been the same without this guy… Eugene Jarvis Interview

  • Greg Johnson

    Pretty much a deity, the ToeJam & Earl creator swings by for a quick chat… Greg Johnson Interview

  • Jeffrey Johnson

    He’s one of the leaders of the Jaguar homebrew movement. Many of you will be familiar with his work but even if you’re not, this is a truly fascinating read… Jeffrey Johnson Interview

  • Gareth Jones

    Yes indeed, 90s TV legend Gaz Top gave our humble blog an interview. We’re not worthy… Gareth Jones Interview

  • Mark R Jones

    Ocean legend and Spectrum developer Mark Jones tells us all about the pitfalls of the great computer… Mark R Jones Interview

  • Tom Kalinske

    Sega would have got nowhere without this guy. We owe him a lot… Tom Kalinske Interview

  • Steven L Kent

    He is the man who brought us The Ultimate History of Video Games, yes, the one that’s on all of our shelves. To say he has a story or two is an understatement! He talked to our Adrian about the good ol days… Steven L Kent Interview

  • Garry Kitchen

    Another Atari stalwart to add to our list. The Keystone Kapers guru drops by… Garry Kitchen Interview

  • Frank Klepacki

    The Westwood Studios musical genius spares some of his precious time for us… Frank Klepacki Interview


  • Marc Laidlaw

    Half-Life’s chief story writer gives us the news about HL3 in what will probably be our most viewed article of all time… Marc Laidlaw Interview

  • Michael Latham

    Eternal Champions is an AA fave. We present to you its creator… Michael Latham Interview

  • Minh Le

    Another massive coup (you’ll see what I did there) for this little blog, the Counter-Strike co-creator stops by… Minh Le Interview

  • Thierry Levastre

    Delphine’s graphics guru has more than a few words to say about Paul Cuisset… Thierry Levastre Interview

  • Denzil Long

    It’s a pleasure to feature his quick Q&A with our Adrian and it’s quite the insight to working at the legendary Westwood Studios… Denzil Long Interview

  • Roberth Anthony Martinez Rivero

    The Atari Jaguar superfan is one of our best retro gaming buds and we’re ecstatic to feature a Jag chat with him… Roberth Martinez Rivero Interview

  • Shaun McClure

    The former Atari/Infogrames stalwart shares some more risque stories about the good ol’ days… Shaun McClure Interview

  • Steven McKevitt

    If you need a retro gaming anecdote you need to go to this guy. The Gremlin legend stops by for a quick chat… Steven McKevitt Interview

  • Dan McNamee

    AvP is one of our favourite Jag games. If it’s one of yours you should really check out this Q&A with Dan McNamee, the level designer… Dan McNamee Interview

  • Steve Meretzky

    Infcom and text-based adventuring supremo Steve Meretzky joins us on the couch… Steve Meretzky Interview

  • Mike Mika

    Atari creative director supreme Mike Mika tells us all about hidden marriage proposals n all… Mike Mika Interview

  • Scott Miller

    Shareware wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for this guy. Apogee and 3D Realms hero Scott Miller drops by… Scott Miller Interview

  • Jeff Minter

    Adrian will say this man is a retro gaming god, and we’d be inclined to agree. A man who needs no introduction, here is Jeff Minter… Jeff Minter Interview

  • Brian Moriarty

    LOOM is one of our favourite point and click games, so here’s its creator to tell us more… Brian Moriarty Interview

  • Michael Murashov

    The Alien Shooter supremo joins us for a quick chat… Michael Murashov Interview


  • Phil Nixon

    Rage and Tynesoft lead artist Phil Nixon’s back catalogue includes Power Drive Rally, Oscar and the amazing Rocky Legends… Phil Nixon Interview

  • Philip Oliver

    With his brother he created one small egg and one large legacy… Philip Oliver Interview

  • Aldo Palumbo

    The producer of Bits on Channel 4 tells us what it was like making it… Aldo Palumbo Interview

  • Mario Perdue

    Breakout 2000’s Mario Perdue stopped by for a very Atari chat… Mario Perdue Interview

  • Dave Perry

    TV presenting was a doddle for this guy and he taught us a lot in the 90s. Here’s all the goss on GamesMaster and more… Dave Perry Interview

  • David Perry

    Aladdin, Cool Spot, Jungle Book – I could go on. This guy made those games come to life and the pleasure here was all ours… David Perry Interview

  • Nicolas Persijn

    Here’s a lovely chat with Nicolas Persijn who makes excellent rotary controllers for the Atari Jaguar… Nicolas Persijn Interview

  • Master Daniel Pesina

    Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Scorpion etc. gave us this lovely Q&A… Master Daniel Pesina Interview

  • Simon Phipps

    Rick Dangerous creator and graphic designer guru Simon Phipps joined as for a quick Q&A… Simon Phipps Interview

  • Ronald Pieket

    SWIV and Silkworm’s Ronald Pieket stops by to spill the beans… Ronald Pieket Interview

  • Mike Pollock

    Otherwise known as Dr Eggman in the cartoon voice, the boss of voice acting tells us all… Mike Pollock Interview

  • Mike Posehn

    The creator of Desert Strike (and staunch liberal) drops by to tell us how it all started… Mike Posehn Interview

  • Mike Price

    EGM (oh yes) writer supreme Mike Price gave us this great insight to 90s gaming journalism… Mike Price Interview


  • Retro Store

    We caught up with the store’s founder Peter to find out more on the random box craze… Retro Store Interview

  • Warren Robinett

    You guessed it. The man who invented the Adventure genre gives us a piece of his mind… Warren Robinett Interview

  • David Rowe

    We caught the amazing Knightmare and game cover artist who kindly offered to answer a few questions… David Rowe Interview

  • Running With Scissors

    Vince Desi and Mike Jaret from RWS join us for the most expletive-laden interview we’ve ever had! And we love it… Running With Scissors Interview

  • Chris Sawyer

    The legend of Transport and RollerCoaster Tycoon that is Chris Sawyer kindly gave Adrian some of his time to answer some questions, in a lot of detail… Chris Sawyer Interview

  • Mac Senour

    Gunstar Heroes wouldn’t have made the light of day if it wasn’t for this man… Mac Senour Interview

  • Bruce Shelley

    Here is our quick Q&A with the man who created Railway Tycoon and Civilisation (with Sid Meier of course) and retro gaming god, Bruce Shelley… Bruce Shelley Interview

  • Chris Shrigley

    So, so much information with one of EA and Gremlin’s brightest sparks… Chris Shrigley Interview

  • Ken Silverman

    The Ken’s Labyrinth/Duke Nukem 3D supremo tells us how he did it all in the first place… Ken Silverman Interview

  • Ady Smith

    Here is Rare and Core Design’s very own Ady Smith, a man whose artwork adorns some of our favourite games including Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct and GoldenEye… Ady Smith Interview

  • Youichiro Soeda

    Youichiro Soeda is SNK’s motion-artist supremo and a retro gaming legend having worked on greats such as Fatal Fury and King of Fighters XIV… Youichiro Soeda Interview

  • Jon St. John

    It’s Duke Nukem himself, nothing else needed to say… Jon St John Interview

  • Darryl Still

    Involved in the release of the ST, Lynx and Jaguar, there isn’t much the Atari hotshot doesn’t know… Darryl Still Interview

  • Bernie Stolar (and Jordan Freeman)

    The Dreamcast and PlayStation Godfather tells us about those times and also forming the excellent ZOOM Platform with Jordan Freeman… Bernie Stolar Interview

  • The Strong

    Video games’ first ever hall of fame tell us a little bit more and how this all happened… The Strong Interview


  • Rob Taylor

    Moonstone Tavern’s landlord swings by for a few pints of mead to discuss the cult game… Rob Taylor Interview

  • Doug TenNapel

    Yes, we managed to bag an interview with the Earthworm Jim creator himself… Doug TenNapel Interview

  • Faran Thomason

    A must read for Jaguar fans – Atari hotshot producer gives us the lowdown on everything, even Bubsy… Faran Thomason Interview

  • Bill Tiller

    He’s brought to life some of the best games LucasArts have ever made, including The Curse of Monkey Island and The Dig… Bill Tiller Interview

  • Steve Turner

    Bringing the Spectrum goodness, the Dragontorc supremo himself… Steve Turner Interview

  • Feargus Urquhart

    The Fallout creator gives us a lowdown on making things more difficult for gamers… Feargus Urquhart Interview

  • Alex Verrey

    It’s none other than Games World’s Big Boy Barry… Alex Verrey Interview

  • Video Games New York

    Possibly the best retro gaming store in North America, we went to find out more… VideoGamesNewYork Interview